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Chemours China Hosts Seventh Annual Magical Science Camp for Kids

Chemours China Hosts Seventh Annual Magical Science Camp for Kids

Published 03-05-24

Submitted by The Chemours Company

A collage of four images of people in protective lab gear doing an experiment with apples.

Chemours China hosted their seventh annual Chemours Magical Science Camp, a public science program intended to encourage children between the ages of nine and 13 to explore the captivating realm of science. With over 980 participants from over 28 provinces and cities, and an online live stream reached almost 3,500 cumulative viewers across multiple platforms—Chemours Magical Science Camp has become a local favorite of students and science teachers alike.

Integrating knowledge, fun, and professionalism, Magical Science Camp inspires a love of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) among students through interesting experiments that leverage everyday objects for fascinating results. During the camp, Chemours crafted four entertaining science experiments: a pH Rainbow, a lava lamp, a fruit battery, and an iodine-starch test.

Students created fascinating color changes through acid-based reactions, designed a lava lamp with floating bubbles, used metal pieces to replace hydrogen ions in fruit, and used iodophor to detect characters hidden on a blank piece of paper.

A collage of four images of people in protective lab gear doing an experiment with three tubes of liquids.

In addition to the detailed demonstrations and explanations by Chemours mentors, the event introduced a new concept of a Teenage Partner. Two teenage fans from the previous Magical Science Camp events were invited to join the mentors on stage and help with the experiments. The perspective of the peer teenagers helped other students better grasp the essence of the experience while injecting more fun and delight into the workshop.

"We are dedicated to assisting young people in deepening their understanding of chemistry and igniting their interest in science via engaging experiments, thus, empowering them to become innovative enablers in the future," shared Jessica Bo, General Manager of Chemours China.

The communities where Chemours operates are also where we live, work, and play. We have a vested interest in ensuring and enhancing their vibrancy through the positive impacts we can make, which includes in investing to expand access to STEM education. We look forward to continuing to inspire a love for science through this special program and are proud that Chemours Magical Science Camp program has been recognized in the China Philanthropy Festival as the Public Welfare Program of the Year.

A collage of four images of children in protective lab gear doing an experiment with apples and liquids.


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