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If the Term ‘ESG’ Is Out, What’s In?

If the Term ‘ESG’ Is Out, What’s In?

Published 03-05-24

Submitted by 3BL

"How to talk about ESG without saying ESG"

Keeping up with the latest nuances in sustainability language can be daunting and make communicating your organization’s impact feel like an uphill battle. Today, the term ‘ESG’ (Environmental, Social, Governance) is widely debated. But, if brands are avoiding the now politicized term, how does it affect their communication strategies? 

In the March edition of Navigating Impact Comms Through the Cosmos - Pisces Edition, 3BL highlights what companies are doing to meet the moment and align themselves with the shifting language of the space. Harnessing the energy of self-reflection Pisces season entails, we dive into timely trends and tips for brands assessing their communication strategy.

Immerse yourself into Pisces season and optimize your sustainability comms here.

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