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FedEx Canteens Drive Hope and Nourishment to Communities in Need

FedEx Canteens Drive Hope and Nourishment to Communities in Need

Published 02-29-24

Submitted by FedEx Corporation

A box truck going through a puddle. Salvation Army and FedEx logos on the sides.

With support from FedEx through their Charitable Giving Program, The Salvation Army co-branded FedEx canteens deployed to 40 events in the 3rd Quarter of 2023. Additionally, five (5) of the FedEx canteens are used for weekly or daily feeding programs in their communities. These events ranged from weekly community outreach for those experiencing homelessness to disaster response. These co-branded FedEx canteens play an important role in The Salvation Army’s ability to provide services to those in need. The Salvation Army greatly appreciates the support of FedEx and their donation of mobile feeding units and will continue to utilize them in new innovative ways to support our communities.


Fire Responses: The Salvation Army at the request of the local fire department responded to six different fires this quarter using the FedEx canteens. The Western Pennsylvania Division responded to four fires. The first was to a residential structure fire in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania on July 3rd. The Salvation Army was on the scene with the FedEx canteen early in the morning to provide support to the survivors and first responders. 25 meals, 50 snacks, and 40 drinks were served from the FedEx canteen.

The second response was to a multi-home fire in North Braddock, Pennsylvania on August 20th. The team provided support services to first responders and the residents affected by the fire. The third fire the Emergency Disaster Services team was a two-alarm residential house fire in Pittsburgh. Disaster workers served drinks, snacks with Emotional and Spiritual Care. While on the scene of this fire in Pittsburgh, the team was dispatched to a large brush fire at a commercial landscape supply facility. Disaster workers provided meals, snacks, and drinks to the first responders on scene from multiple counties.

The North & Central Illinois Division responded to two fires this quarter using the FedEx canteen. The first was a house fire. The Salvation Army served snacks to the fire department crew. The second was a large structure fire in Riverwoods, Illinois where snacks and drinks were served to the fire and police personnel until the fire was put out.

Kansas Storms: On August 3rd, The Salvation Army Kansas and Western Missouri Division responded to storms in Ottawa, Kansas. The FedEx canteen deployed to the event for two days and disaster workers served meals, snacks, and drinks to people who lost power during the storms. In total, 331 meals, 565 snacks, and 457 drinks were served to affected individuals in the community.

Hurricane Idalia Response in Georgia: Hurricane Idalia impacted multiple counties in Georgia, but Lowndes County received much of the damage. The Salvation Army mobilized the Georgia FedEx canteen to Lowndes County. Disaster workers served meals, drinks, and snacks to survivors from the FedEx canteen. Over the span of August 31st through September 4th disaster workers served 4,000 meals and 300 drinks to first responders and survivors.

Search & Rescue Operation in Illinois: On September 30th, The North & Central Illinois Division was requested to support a search and rescue operation in St. Charles, Illinois. The Salvation Army arrived on scene at 6AM and prepared to serve breakfast. Disaster workers served drinks and snacks from the FedEx canteen to search and rescue team volunteers and staff. Fortunately, the missing elderly individual was found safe around 7:30AM and breakfast was not needed.

Power Outages Due to Storm in Virginia: The Salvation Army Potomac Division responded to a large storm in Danville, Virginia that left many families without power on September 13th. Disaster workers provided roving feeding to affected individuals throughout the community.

Three people standing in front of a box truck with a table of food in front.


Georgia Mobile Feeding: This past quarter, Salvation Army Georgia Division used their FedEx canteen to serve low-income communities. The Division has established relationships with Gwinnett County Police Department, Gwinnett County Health Department, Gwinnett County School District, and other local non-profits to bring an array of services to those who are not able to travel to receive these services.

In the 3rd quarter, over 950 meals and 1,000 drinks were served to community members. The Salvation Army Georgia Division partnered with the Gwinnett County Gangs Division to provide meals, drinks, and snacks in low-income areas that have a high amount of crime. Due to the positive relationship Gwinnett County Police Department has with the community, The Salvation Army was able to go into areas that otherwise might not be safe. The Salvation Army discovered that there were school-aged children that were not attending school due to not having the vaccinations that are required to attend public school. The Salvation Army is currently working with the Health Department to send their mobile clinic out with The Salvation Army, FedEx canteen so that the children will have the opportunity to receive the vaccinations required by the Georgia Public School System which will allow them to enroll in school while receiving meals and snacks.

Another notable community feeding event was when The Salvation Army went to an apartment complex that houses only single mothers. While meals were being served from the FedEx canteen the staff, volunteers, and officers learned that many of the single mother’s struggle to get the proper car seats for their children. The Division plans to partner with Gwinnett County Fire Department. The next time the team goes to this location the fire fighters will be coming with them to speak with the mothers about the car seat replacement program.

Finally, The Salvation Army Georgia Division partnered with another nonprofit that feeds children during the summer break from school. The funding from the program only allows them to give food to children, which leaves many other family members without meals. The Salvation Army provided meals alongside this nonprofit during the 4th of July weekend to families of the children enrolled in the nonprofit program.

Memphis Neighborhood Feeding Program: The Salvation Army Kentucky & Tennessee Division took out the FedEx canteen every Wednesday to provide lunch and water to an underserved neighborhood near The Salvation Army’s Purdue Center of Hope. This quarter, 400 meals, drinks, and snacks were served to community members.

New Orleans Canteen Ministry: In New Orleans, Louisiana, beginning in September the FedEx canteen was taken out every Wednesday this quarter. Disaster workers served meals and drinks to those experiencing homelessness living under various bridges in the city. In total, 300 meals and drinks were served.

Trenton Mobile Feeding Program: A team of volunteers from the Trenton Corps in New Jersey and surrounding area take the FedEx canteen out every other Friday and serve prepared meals to the community, focusing on vulnerable populations. These populations include those experiencing homelessness, housing and food insecure individuals, low-income individuals, migrants, and seniors. They also provide pantry bags, blankets, hygiene items, other gifts as available (socks, coats, toys, etc.). In total, this quarter, the Trenton Mobile Feeding Program served 1,313 meals, snacks, and drinks to community members.

Baltimore Meals to Homeless Populations:

FeedMore Program: The Potomac Division of The Salvation Army’s FeedMore program delivers meals via a route with four stops throughout the city. Individuals can come to the location that is most convenient for them to receive meals and additional services. This quarter, over 3,700 meals, 4,300 snacks, and 3,300 drinks were served to community members experiencing homelessness. Additionally, 1,100 bags of rice and beans and 84 burritos were provided to community members.

Daily feeding program: In Baltimore, Maryland the FedEx canteen is being used for a daily feeding program to populations experiencing homelessness across the city. This quarter, over 4,460 meals, 4,400 snacks, and 5,219 drinks were served from the FedEx canteen. Community members were also provided with other needed items such as hygiene kits, socks, and boxes of shorts.

A group posed with a banner "Santa Monica Salvation Army" in front of a box truck. "Emergency Disaster Services" on the side.


Virginia Foundation for Heathy Youth Meal Distribution Program: Every Monday and Thursday in Danville, Virginia, The Salvation Army Potomac Division participates in the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth Meal Distribution Program. This quarter, over 100 children in after school youth programs received healthy meals in addition to a lunch feeding program.

4th of July Parades: On July 4th, The Salvation Army Southern California Division participated in the Santa Monica 4th of July Parade. The Division partnered with The City of Santa Monica and provided 300 snacks and 50 drinks to attendees.

Additionally, the Intermountain Division participated in the Greeley Corps 4th of July parade in Colorado. Disaster workers passed out more than 100 bottles of water and pieces of candy to event attendees from the FedEx canteen.

Internment Ceremonies: The Salvation Army Indiana Division participated in two internment ceremonies this quarter. The division was called upon by the Indiana State Police to provide hydration services for Officer Aaron's internment at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 7th. After participating in these ceremonies over the years, the division learned that they should stage additional coolers with water along the edge of the formation to provide better coverage during the ceremony.

The division was then contacted by the State Fraternal Order of Police Honor Guard to provide hydration at Deputy John Durm’s internment. The division purchased four additional coolers to use along the edge of formation. The Fraternal Order of Police appreciated the additional coolers along the formation to support their guard. In total at both ceremonies, 1,084 snacks and 1,254 drinks were served.

LaVallita Back-to-School Event: The LaVillita Corps in Chicago, Illinois holds a back-to-school event with the city of Chicago every year. The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services team participated in this year’s July 15th event with the FedEx canteen serving 400 meals and drinks and 1,675 snacks to students and their families.

The Salvation Army Prospect Corps Open House: The Salvation Army Kansas and Western Missouri Division participated in an open house event for The Salvation Army Prospect Corps on July 20th. Volunteers served hotdogs, chips, snacks, and drinks off of the FedEx canteen at the event. In total, 168 meals, 196 snacks, and 216 drinks were provided to event attendees.

National Night Out Events: The National Night Out Day is an event that seeks to foster relationships between law enforcement and the community. The Salvation Army, in partnership with local law enforcement, participated in National Night Out events across the country.

On August 1st, The Salvation Army Southern California Division collaborated with the Santa Monica Police Department and Santa Monica City for a National Night Out Event. At this event, The Salvation Army provided 750 snacks along with 20 bottles with The Salvation Army logo, 20 backpacks, 30 bags, and 15 Salvation Army keychains to community members.

With the success of the event this year, The Salvation Army plans to coordinate with The Santa Monica Police Department and Santa Monica City next year to participate. Additionally, the Corps plans to bring the FedEx canteen during the event set up to provide coffee to the local Police Department and parade volunteers.

The North and Central Illinois Division participated in the 17th District of Chicago, Illinois’ National Night Out. Meals were provided to attendees from the FedEx canteen.

The Greater New York Division participated in the National Night Out in Calverton, New York (Suffolk County). Refreshments were served to attendees from the FedEx canteen. In total, 350 snacks and 400 drinks were served to attendees.

A row of parked box trucks in a parking lot, a person standing by each driver side door.

Lollapalooza Support: The Salvation Army North & Central Illinois Division provided support during Lollapalooza, an annual four-day music festival, in Chicago, Illinois. At the event, disaster workers supported on duty first responders from August 3rd through 6th. An Incident Command Post with a refrigerated truck and the FedEx canteen was set up. First responders were served over 1,400 breakfast meals, 3,570 lunches, and 4,200 dinners.

Vacation Bible School Outreach: On August 8th and 9th, The Salvation Army Massachusetts Division passed out freeze pops and provided children with an opportunity to get their face painted or participate in crafts and spoke with them about Vacation Bible School.

Public Safety Day Events: The Salvation Army Indiana Division working with Hamilton County Emergency Management participated in the Carmel, Indiana Public Safety Day on August 19th. The FedEx canteen was part of the Touch-a-Truck area. Additionally, water was provided to community members.

The North & Central Illinois Division was invited to participate in a Public Safety Day in Aurora, Illinois on August 5th. At the fair, organizations put some of their equipment on display. The Salvation Army brought their FedEx canteen and provided snacks and drinks to event attendees.

Air and Water Show in Illinois: The Salvation Army participated in the Air and Water Show in Chicago, Illinois on August 19th, and 20th. The North & Central Illinois Division set up the FedEx canteen one day before the event to provide meals, drinks, and snacks to those doing event set up. During the two-day event, disaster workers served meals, drinks, and snacks to on duty first responders. Over 550 meals, 1,360 snacks, and 2,300 drinks were served.

Playground Build Day in Virginia: In early September in Danville, Virginia, The Salvation Army partnered with United Way of Danville and Pittsylvania County for a community playground build. The new playground located at The Salvation Army in Danville includes swing sets, climbers, sensory tables, and a place for children with physical disabilities. Meals and drinks were served to volunteers from the FedEx canteen.

Medical Reserve Corps Statewide County Coordinators Annual Meeting: The New Jersey Division participated in the Medical Reserve Corps Statewide County Coordinators Annual Meeting on September 7th. The Emergency Disaster Services team offered to make a presentation at the Medical Reserve Corps statewide annual meeting, sharing what The Salvation Army does to serve communities in crisis and how our Emergency Disaster Services programs prepare and respond. This included an informational session and a hands-on session with the canteen for attendees.

Flight 93 National Park and 9/11 Memorial Ceremony: The Western Pennsylvania Division of The Salvation Army holds a strong relationship with Flight 93 National Park and Friends and Family of Flight 93. This year the division again had the pleasure to provide light refreshments to all who came for the Memorial Ceremony of September 11th in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Additionally, Emergency Disaster Services staff and volunteers served a meal to the on-duty Park Rangers at the event.

The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Events: The Salvation Army North & Central Illinois Division participated in two exercises with The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System. The first was an exercise on September 13th in Lake County, Illinois where The Salvation Army served meals, snacks, and drinks from the FedEx canteen. The second was a water rescue exercise in Palatine, Illinois where The Salvation Army provided snacks and hydration to event participants.

POW/MIA Remembrance Day in Indianapolis, Indiana: On September 15th, The Salvation Army Indiana Division was honored to serve those who serve our country at the Indianapolis POW/MIA Remembrance Day Event. Snacks and hydration were provided to attendees from the FedEx canteen. Additionally, Major Mike McKee, Emergency Disaster Services Director for the Indiana Division, was invited to place a wreath commemorating World War 1.

Rowley, Massachusetts Council on Aging Open House: The Salvation Army attended Rowley’s Council on Aging Open House event on September 16th. The Council on Aging is a senior center where adults over 60 can go for resources and information, public benefits information and applications, meals and nutrition programs, transportation services, and more. At this event, the FedEx canteen was set up for participants of the event to view and learn more about The Salvation Army. In total, 75 meals and 100 drinks were served from the FedEx canteen.

Cheyenne Frontier Days: The Salvation Army Intermountain Division participated in Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the end of July. This is a 6-day event and is the world’s largest outdoor rodeo. From the FedEx canteen, the Emergency Disaster Services team served a pancake breakfast to attendees. In total, 300 breakfast meals and 300 drinks were served.


  • Total number of meals served: 19,332
  • Total number of snacks served: 22,895
  • Total number of drinks served: 23,924
  • Total number hygiene/comfort kits distributed: 67
  • Total number of logo bottles distributed: 20
  • Total number of backpacks distributed: 20
  • Total number of bags distributed: 30
  • Total number of Salvation Army challenge coins distributed: 100
  • Total number of masks distributed: 41
  • Total number of socks distributed: 154
  • Total number of bags of rice & beans distributed: 1160
  • Total number of bottles of water distributed: 100
  • Total number of pieces of candy distributed: 300
  • Total number of cases of water distributed: 30
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