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New Research Reveals How Brands Can Tap Into the $44 Billion Sustainability Opportunity

New Research Reveals How Brands Can Tap Into the $44 Billion Sustainability Opportunity

Published 02-26-24

Submitted by 3BL

The $44 Billion Sustainability Opportunity for Brands

The rising trend of mindful consumerism has captured the attention of business leaders. In response to mounting societal and environmental concerns, brands are under increasing pressure to prioritize sustainability in their operations. Despite this, a fundamental question remains: How much of an impact does sustainability actually have on business? 

In collaboration with 3BL, TriplePundit and panel partner Cint, the latest research from the research technology platform Glow is the first to put a dollar figure to the impact. The highly anticipated report, The $44 Billion Sustainability Opportunity for Brands, is out today.

Surveying over 3,000 U.S. adults, this report unveils insights including:

  • How sustainability impacts consumer perception of brands across 12 industries — food and grocery, telecommunications, banks, pension funds, airlines, and fashion and retail brands, just to name a few.
  • The impact of sustainability-related brand switching, as consumers gravitate toward industry players they consider more sustainable. 
  • Where consumer views align and diverge across demographics such as age and political stance.
  • Combatting the anti-ESG backlash and averting greenwashing accusations. 
  • How to craft a winning communication strategy to seize this billion-dollar opportunity, and more!

Check out the full report for insights into taking advantage of the $44 billion sustainability prize. 

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