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Tetra Pak Recognised With ‘A’ Score for Transparency on Forests for the Eighth Year Running

Tetra Pak Recognised With ‘A’ Score for Transparency on Forests for the Eighth Year Running

Published 02-23-24

Submitted by Tetra Pak

CDP Disclosure Insight Action A List 2023 Forests.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, February 23, 2024 /CSRwire/ - Tetra Pak has been recognised for leadership in corporate transparency and performance on forests by global environmental non-profit CDP, securing a place on its annual ‘A List’.

Based on data reported through CDP’s 2023 Forests questionnaires, Tetra Pak is among the 2% of companies that achieved an ‘A’ score out of over 21,000 companies assessed.1 The company also reported on Climate Change and, for the first time, Water Security. Having recorded an ‘A-‘ score on both cemented Tetra Pak's inclusion in the CDP leadership band once again, as the only company in the carton packaging sector to do so.

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) warns that nature is deteriorating at unprecedented rates, mainly due to human activities.2 Global food systems are the lead driver of nature loss,3 despite these systems depending on the services provided by nature.4, 5, 6 But it is not just about food security, it has been estimated that more than half of the world’s total GDP – $44 trillion of economic value generation – is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services.7 Recognising the urgency of action to halt and reverse nature loss and achieve a water-secure world, Tetra Pak is committed to take action for nature, supporting the achievement of the targets of the Global Biodiversity Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Gilles Tisserand, Vice President Climate & Biodiversity, Tetra Pak, said: “We rely on nature to provide us with the necessary building blocks for life: from clean air and water to material goods such as food. We believe that companies such as Tetra Pak need to act urgently, based on the currently available information, to reduce the impacts of our value chain, to restore landscapes and to contribute to the wider transformation of food systems.”

He continues: “Our approach to nature is closely linked with our ambitions on climate, circularity, social sustainability and food systems. Delivering on this requires certain enabling factors across the business, including people and processes, for example, capacity development, monitoring, reporting, and disclosure. As we strive to lead the way in corporate transparency, we are extremely pleased to be included in the CDP Forests A List for the eighth year running, as well as to be the only company in the carton packaging sector who is in this year’s leadership band across all the CDP areas of disclosure.”

Gilles Tisserand

Sherry Madera, CEO of CDP, said: “Congratulations to all the companies on CDP’s A List, and those companies that started or accelerated their journey towards environmental transparency in 2023 – we saw a 24% increase in disclosures last year and that trajectory is welcomed. It is only by laying the groundwork of disclosure that companies can show they take seriously the vital part they play in safeguarding the future.

Earning a place on the A List is about more than the score. It’s an indication of high quality and comprehensive data that equips companies with a holistic view of their environmental impact, serves as a baseline for transition plans and – crucially – enables them to follow through on their stated ambitions. As CDP continually raises the bar for what represents environmental leadership, the work of all companies should be celebrated, but is never complete. We must see corporate ambition ramp up on climate and nature-positive action. This has never been more crucial.”

How are companies scored?

A detailed and independent methodology is used by CDP to assess these companies, allocating a score of A to D- based on the comprehensiveness of disclosure, awareness and management of environmental risks and demonstration of best practices associated with environmental leadership, such as setting ambitious and meaningful targets. Those that don’t disclose or provided insufficient information are marked with an F.

CDP’s scoring for forests is conducted through the lens of four commodities: timber, cattle products, soy, and palm oil. Companies need to score an A on at least one of these forest-risk commodities to earn a place on the Forests A List.

The full list of companies that made this year’s CDP A List is available here:


Lucia Freschi 
Tetra Pak 
Tel: +39 347 2632237

1The full methodology and criteria for the A List is available on CDP’s website at: 
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6Johnson, J.A. et al. (2021). The Economic Case for Nature : A Global Earth-Economy Model to Assess Development Policy Pathways. World Bank, Washington, DC. 
7WEF, 2020

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