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Maximus 2023 Sustainability Report: Learning and Organizational Development

Fostering a culture of continuous learning

Maximus 2023 Sustainability Report: Learning and Organizational Development

Fostering a culture of continuous learning

Published 02-23-24

Submitted by MAXIMUS

84% of Maximus employees are aware of learning and development opportunities across the company; 72% of Maximus employees believe the learning and development opportunities they have participated in has prepared them for the work that they do; 83% of Maximus employees agree that their supervisor cares about their growth and development.

Originally published in the Maximus 2023 Sustainability Report

At Maximus, our dedication to nurturing a vibrant culture of continuous learning is pivotal. This commitment not only aligns with our strategic objectives and values but also cultivates an environment where every employee is empowered to reach their utmost potential. This approach is instrumental in driving organizational growth and enhancing our service delivery.

The Shared Learning Model: collaborative and strategic learning alignment 
Our Shared Learning Model (SLM) exemplifies a collaborative and cross-functional approach, bringing together business leaders and learning professionals to closely align development programs with Maximus’ strategic direction. This model fosters a deep-rooted learning culture, enabling employees to fully engage with their personal development journey. By ensuring alignment with our organizational goals, vision, and values, the SLM enables us to adapt and scale our learning initiatives effectively, empowering team members in their professional growth.

Strategically enabling talent through robust talent management 
Our belief is that our future success is linked to the empowerment of our talent, which accelerates our strategic objectives. To achieve this, we focus on attracting, retaining, and nurturing top talent through key talent management components:

  • Performance management 
    We advocate for regular, open, and forward-looking discussions as a means to bolster performance and personal development. In FY23, we revitalized our Performance Management Philosophy, emphasizing ongoing, impactful dialogues that enhance employee experience and growth while focusing on future goals. The introduction of Continuous Performance Management (CPM) in January 2023 marked a significant step, engaging 3,000 employees in a more streamlined and effective approach. CPM’s framework aligns individual goals with team and organizational objectives, fostering a culture of timely feedback and continuous access to developmental resources.
  • Succession and talent planning 
    The digitization of our Global Succession and Talent Planning process in FY22 has yielded remarkable results, with a 500% increase in succession planning and talent assessment. This technological advancement simplifies the process, encourages a diverse selection of talent to be considered for future opportunities, and allows us to delve deeper into our talent pool. It ensures role continuity by identifying and recognizing the leadership bench for each identified critical role, reveals potential leaders, and motivates our employees to aim for higher positions while continuing their professional development. Our Learning and Organizational Development initiatives are designed to not only align with our broader organizational goals but also to ensure that employees have the opportunity and resources to grow, thrive, and contribute meaningfully to our collective success.

Elevating training operations for enhanced experience and control 
Elevating training operations for enhanced experience and control In FY23, Maximus took significant strides in improving end-user experiences and bolstering internal system controls. A key focus was on refining the governance of our Learning Management System (LMS). This effort included the establishment of regular LMS system administrator meetings, ensuring a streamlined and cohesive approach between the LMS and its affiliated software partners. The redesign of the internal LMS homepage marked a substantial enhancement, offering a more intuitive user interface that promotes a variety of learning opportunities available to the employee. In parallel, a comprehensive vendor relationship management audit centralized and sharpened our focus on compliance with both internal policies and external regulations.

Cultivating talent through dynamic development initiatives 
The past year saw Maximus leverage the Shared Learning Model network to launch and scale an array of programs. These initiatives were meticulously crafted to empower business leaders and functional experts, enhancing their personal and professional effectiveness. The Learning and Organizational Development team, in partnership with SLM, successfully rolled out 14 leadership and professional development programs, directly impacting a substantial number of employees through a blend of instructor-led training classes and webinars.

We also continued our investment in a global learning management system, providing 24/7 access to a diverse range of learning resources. These resources cover a broad spectrum, from digital transformation to customer service, and were extensively utilized by our employees for their professional development.

For emerging leaders, Maximus offers specialized experiences, including a comprehensive New Leader Onboarding program and the Essentials of Leadership Skills series. These programs are designed to ensure new leaders seamlessly integrate into the Maximus culture and acquire foundational management skills essential for their growth trajectory within the company.

Our approach to nurturing experienced leaders encompasses a variety of learning development opportunities, focusing on key areas like effective communication, trust-building, and project management methodologies. These targeted programs are tailored to align with their advanced professional objectives.

The Executive Development Program (EDP), a cornerstone initiative launched in September 2023, offers a personalized learning experience for our senior leaders. This program is an integral part of our leadership succession strategy, designed to equip Maximus’ future leaders with the skills required to navigate and excel in an evolving marketplace. The EDP combines in-person and virtual training elements with a suite of developmental tools like personalized learning plans and professional coaching, reinforcing our commitment to executive leadership development.

Expanding professional growth through tuition and certification support 
In FY23, Maximus announced a forward-thinking tuition reimbursement program, designed to bolster our employees’ professional growth and adaptability in a skill-focused workforce. This program invites employees with over a year of service to engage in higher education, non-degree courses, and professional certifications that resonate with their career aspirations. Unique to this initiative, educational pursuits are not limited to their current roles but extend to any area relevant to Maximus’ services. This approach aims to cultivate an internal skills pipeline, enhancing our service capabilities. The program, launched in October 2023, reflects our commitment to supporting our team members’ continuous learning and career development.

Learn more about Maximus' dedication to excellence and innovation in the 2023 Sustainability Report. 

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