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Martin Exterior Linear Pro Architectural Lighting: Next-Gen Precision Meets Brilliant Simplicity

Martin Exterior Linear Pro Architectural Lighting: Next-Gen Precision Meets Brilliant Simplicity

Published 02-16-24

Submitted by HARMAN

Linea Pro lighting shown in front of a building.

Originally published on HARMAN Pro Newsroom

By Robert Svensson, Architectural Lighting and Exterior Linear Pro and Martin

When you’re designing a product, there’s always a vision in mind – features that will captivate your audience and unique qualities that set your creation apart from the rest. The Exterior Linear Pro family surpasses expectations for both and reinforces Martin’s mission to deliver next-generation hardware and software solutions and industry-leading experiences for designers and customers. In this Tech Talk, we discuss the features that set Exterior Linear Pro apart from competing fixtures, as well as its surprising simplicity, unmatched color calibration, and innovative capabilities.

To better understand the features and technology that make this fixture so special, Martin contributor Tarryn Lyle talked to Robert Svensson, Martin’s Product Manager for Architectural Lighting.

Robert, can you share some insights into the Exterior Linear Pro variants and their intended applications? 

Sure Tarryn. The Exterior Linear Pro family was designed to address a variety of needs and applications. At its core, there are two unique light engines: one for full-color mixing (QUAD) and another for tunable white (CTC). The product line also includes three different variants – each serving a distinct purpose:

  • Graze: Delivering uniform light distribution of 15 degrees, Graze fixtures are perfect for highlighting textured surfaces and close wall placements.
  • Cove: If you need to flood an entire wall or fill a specific element with light, the Cove model is the ideal choice. It features uniform light distribution and a 100 degree beam angle that’s ideal for striking indirect lighting of ceilings, walls, and other surfaces. It spreads light generously, covering surfaces with ease.
  • Direct View (DV): This is where the unexpected excitement lies. The DV model acts as a visual element and has garnered significant positive reactions. These fixtures are specifically designed for direct view applications and are equipped with a round diffuser and segment control for low-resolution content. Their increased lumen output also makes them highly visible in daylight situations. They are perfect for soft, direct view lighting solutions and offer a simpler way to achieve pixel control and send video content to the fixtures, making them a user-friendly solution for creating stunning visuals without complexity.

How does the Exterior Linear Pro family strike a balance between simplicity and impressive results? 
The overall design intent was to develop a very compact and low-weight linear color-changing fixture focusing on high performance and ease of installation and control. The final solution has fully ticked these boxes and sets a new standard for a bright color-changing linear fixture with an efficacy of more than 50 lm/W. The fixture only consumes 12 W/ft but via RDM, you can even reduce the consumption down to 10W/ft or 5W/ft.

It provides superior color mixing, bright mixed, and saturated colors due to our Color Boost technology, which provides 2-3 times more output on colors, compared to similar products. The Exterior Linear Pro also allows for control down to 6-inch (15 cm) segments, which in particular for the Direct View (DV) variant allows for new creative solutions. All in all, the Exterior Linear Pro is a very versatile fixture to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Highest quality for the harshest conditions. Linea Pro lighting shown.

Can you explain the significance of having products fully color calibrated from the factory, and what sets this approach apart from competitors? 
Great question. Full factory color calibration is a standout feature of our products, ensuring impeccable color consistency both within and across different ranges. The calibration process allows us to understand the correlation between DMX values and actual color output, leading to the development of a dedicated color temperature control channel that adheres to the black body curve. This feature proves beneficial for lighting designers who often require specific color temperatures, which can vary depending on the project’s requirements and the materials being illuminated. Instead of relying on custom fixtures or LED alterations, our solution enables users to effortlessly adjust color temperatures through software control, facilitating precise color management in their design endeavours. This makes the process efficient and flexible, allowing you to find your desired color temperature and even mix colors around it.

Smart Infrastructure: In-built power supply (100-277V) Long fixture runs Up to 52 m (169 ft) continuous fixture run RDM/DMX and stand-alone Control Hybrid power and data cable.

What are the advantages of having an integrated power supply in terms of setup and longer fixture runs? 
Exterior Linear Pro’s integrated power supply is an installation game-changer and aligns with our overall vision to integrate features right into the product whenever possible, typically easing installs and making them more cost-effective. Instead of cluttering your setup with external power supplies and cables, we’ve integrated the power supply directly – everything is compactly tucked into the fixture, enabling longer runs. Differing from setups with external power supplies, which require more boxes and cables, the integrated power supply actually enhances the fixture’s efficiency. This means you can run longer fixture daisy chains, providing more versatility and coverage for your lighting needs.

Let’s talk about standalone programming. Can you take us through the possibilities? 
One of the most exciting surprises for this family is the level of available standalone programming. While some standalone functionality existed in previous generations, it’s now more elegantly implemented. With our Martin Companion software, you can create standalone programs with a user-friendly interface on your PC or laptop. You can program up to 20 scenes, customize fade and hold times, and create a captivating light show. Once your program is set, you disconnect the laptop, and the fixtures run your program in an endless loop as soon as power is applied. It’s a straightforward way to create stunning visual displays without the need for complex controllers. This innovation is truly unique in the lighting industry, and it’s part of what makes Exterior Linear Pro such a standout product.

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Restaurant Bavn utilized Exterior Linear Pro Cove fixtures to illuminate the interior. Photo: RUNE NIELSEN, KOLLISION.

We’ve heard so much about this smart magnetic diagnostics tool – what’s it all about? 
When it comes to installations, particularly with electrical companies that might not be well-versed in DMX dynamic lighting, there’s often some apprehension. But what we’ve done is remove that stress entirely. During installation, you don’t need to be an expert in DMX, and you can even leave the DMX controller behind. We’ve integrated local diagnostics using our magnetic tool, any magnet can do the trick, but we provide a nifty handheld tool with a magnet, and all you need to do is swipe it across the product, and the fixture will respond using its main LEDs. If it starts flashing blue, it means the product has power.

If you have a DMX controller connected, it’ll flash blue and green, indicating it has both power and DMX control. So with a simple swipe, you’ll know whether it’s ready to go or what needs to be corrected. By further swipes, you can call up white, blue, green, or red color illumination for small demos or to start focusing the lights even before having a controller connected. This magnetic tool is a real time-saver and makes the installation process smoother and more efficient.

We’ve heard Martin is making strides in creating new products with sustainability in mind, what features of the product design assist with this? 
At Martin, we’re committed to sustainability, and it’s a core element of our product design philosophy. One significant aspect that reflects our commitment is our approach to minimizing waste. With Exterior Linear Pro, we’ve stripped away unnecessary components. For example, the product doesn’t come with a bracket; instead, it offers two mounting plates on the backside. We provide three different accessory bracket solutions, but customers also have the option not to purchase any of these brackets. They can collaborate with local manufacturers to craft custom brackets, reducing waste and excess components.

Additionally, we’ve made it possible to change the beam angle on a local level, streamlining our inventory and enabling designers to make late-stage choices without extended lead times. In addition, the Exterior Linear Pro family has low weight, more compact design, high efficacy, and fully carboard-based FSC-certified packaging. These sustainability-focused design principles align with our goal of delivering essential products that have less impact on the planet.

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(Left) Lighthouse Tower – Credit to Luftfoto Danmark. (Right) Restaurant Bavn – Credit to Restaurant Bavn.

Can you share some real-world installations utilizing Exterior Linear Pro 

Irving Convention Center – USA 
The Irving Convention Center (ICC Texas) in Irving, Texas, USA was a project that strategically opted for Exterior Linear Pro fixtures, driven by urgency and its exceptional technical features. Initially considering a different product before the market release of the Exterior Linear Pro, the project encountered production challenges, prompting a decisive shift to the Exterior Linear Pro. The decision to switch was prompted by both practical and technical factors streamlining the installation process.

“Instead of putting together four or five components, it was just a single unit in the supply and running cables. Together with the product magnetic testing tool it massively cut down the install time,” explained Ken Rose, Solutions Specialist – Lighting, Crawford Electrical Supply. “Beyond efficient installation, the product boasts superior features, delivering almost three times the light output compared to the previously selected solution. The unexpected benefit of these installations extends beyond their initial purpose. With its impressive color-changing effects visible in daylight, the Exterior Linear Pro’s capabilities surpass our expectations. It’s a complete solution we’re very happy with.”

The project’s success is evident as it seamlessly integrates into marketing and events, functioning as a captivating landmark subtly transforming the environment and contributing to the vibrant and dynamic character of the community.

Restaurant Bavn – Denmark 
Exterior Linear Pro Cove fixtures were also specified to create a standout look and experience for visitors to Restaurant Bavn, located on the 44th floor, atop the Lighthouse Tower in Aarhus, Denmark. Exterior Linear Pro Cove fixtures were selected for their vivid and vibrant colors and to add a delightful touch to the restaurant’s ambiance.

Upon installation, the standout feature was quoted as ‘exceptional compactness’ as finding an interior-rated product with similar dimensions and specifications that could match the performance of Exterior Linear Pro Cove fixtures proved a challenge.

Another noted aspect was the product’s IP66 outdoor rating to ensure the fixtures remain entirely dust-proof. This feature is often appreciated when it comes to product maintenance, even for indoor applications.

(Restaurant Bavn: Client: Lighthouse, Architect: 3XN Architects, Fixture supplier: Martin Professional, Designer: Kollision + Jesper Kongshaug, Installer: LYSTEK + Design Smedien, Consultant: Ramboll, Contractor: Per Aarsleff)

The Exterior Linear Pro family delivers remarkable simplicity, offers enhanced accessibility to a wide range of users, eliminates the need for specialized knowledge, and opens the door to an advanced yet cost-effective solution. We invite you to experience Exterior Linear Pro for yourself to better understand its creative potential and design possibilities for sophisticated architectural lighting.



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Robert Svensson is a seasoned veteran of architectural lighting product and solutions management with over 12 years of industry experience. Robert enjoys taking solutions to market to ensure lighting designers and end clients are able to successfully bring their plans and ideas to life. His goal is to design products that are logical, reliable, and easy to install and use. Robert most enjoys impacting building lighting designs to evoke emotions and create long-lasting, customer satisfaction. 





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