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Lenovo’s ‘Love on Month of Service’ – Unleashing Impact in EMEA

Lenovo’s ‘Love on Month of Service’ – Unleashing Impact in EMEA

Published 02-14-24

Submitted by Lenovo

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In the world of corporate philanthropy, actions speak louder than words. With our annual ‘Love on Month of Service’ (LMOS) initiative, Lenovo proves again and again that we are a true leader in social impact. Far more than a mere corporate obligation, LMOS manifests our commitment to driving positive change in the communities we serve.

The ‘Love on Month of Service’ brings together diverse volunteers from numerous countries across the EMEA landscape. This isn’t just a logistical achievement; it’s testament to the collective commitment within Lenovo to contribute meaningfully to societal well-being.

Within the EMEA geo specifically, with 1,305 employees dedicating their time, a grand total of 7,975 hours were volunteered during the LMOS initiative, directly impacting 10,216 individuals. Looking back on the achievements of LMOS across the region, it is clear the volunteer projects not only had an impact on the communities involved but also on the employees who took part.

Lenovo’s LMOS initiatives work to tackle a diverse array of issues, all firmly grounded in the company’s overarching mission of delivering smarter technology for all. These initiatives range from educational reforms to providing cutting-edge technology, and robust community support, while also collectively contributing to our commitment to shaping a more technologically advanced and inclusive future across the EMEA region.

Beyond Borders: Lenovo EMEA Love on month of Service infographic

As educational systems undergo dynamic changes fueled by technological innovation, we have emerged as a frontrunner in spearheading this transformative journey. The company actively encourages employees to participate in this evolution, empowering them to take the lead in navigating this new technological landscape.

One initiative that underscores this long-term commitment to educational support is the Jump in Tech program by Becomtech, an NGO based in Paris, France. For the fifth consecutive year, Lenovo has partnered with Becomtech to deliver a month-long STEM discovery and free training program, positively impacting over 100 teenage girls. 15 Lenovo professionals engaged in the program, sharing their experience through round tables, serving as jury members for Hackathons, and coaching sessions on public speaking. The program’s 2022 impact study revealed that an impressive 62% of participating girls enrolled in STEM studies following their experience with Jump in Tech.

As Christine Dehnel ISO WW Sales Transformation Manager at Lenovo, beautifully captures, “Seeing the girls having so much fun whilst they built an electronic flipper, discovered 3D printing, or learnt more about themselves during the DISC workshop is super rewarding! One girl concluded the workshop with something that uplifted me. She said, ‘For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I have really grown up during these few days with Lenovo.'”

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This initiative not only demonstrates Lenovo’s commitment to education reform but also highlights the profound impact that hands-on experiences and mentorship can have on shaping the future aspirations of young minds.

Another heartwarming success story emerged from Budapest, Hungary, where Lenovo took transformative steps at Üllő Primary School. The school’s IT labs received a noteworthy upgrade, thanks to Lenovo’s donation of 50 ThinkBooks and two projectors. This effort has successfully transformed the learning space into a modern, 21st-century environment for the 800 students aged six to 14. These projects provide crucial support for their essential IT development and play a pivotal role in enhancing students’ overall experience.

Reflecting on Lenovo’s ongoing partnership with the Üllő School, Ildiko Arva, Marketing Manager at Lenovo Hungary, emphasised the holistic approach taken by the company: “In addition to the hardware support, Lenovo employees volunteered to paint and decorate the IT labs. Furthermore, we organised career orientation discussions for 8th graders, enabling them to meet our colleagues from finance, sales, and supply chain. These children even had the opportunity to visit our factory site, gaining a firsthand understanding of the production processes.”

Community support brings about invaluable benefits, fostering a sense of connection and shared responsibility. Lenovo recognises the importance of such support, actively engaging in initiatives that extend a helping hand to those in need, from underfunded school children to displaced citizens struggling to enter the workforce.

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To help refugees better integrate into the German economy, Lenovo employees took on a mentorship role with The Upskilling and Reskilling project, JOBLINGE, located in Stuttgart, Germany. Here, 11 volunteers from Lenovo’s German management team dedicated two days to providing job application training to over 20 young refugees and individuals facing social challenges. On the first day, five Lenovo managers conducted mock job interviews with the participants at the Lenovo Stuttgart office. The second day saw seven Lenovo employees actively supporting the individuals from Joblinge in crafting compelling application letters and CVs. Holger Schaefer, Director, WW Sales Compensation and Biz Intelligence Leader, at Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group, encapsulates the impact, stating, “The gratitude of the young people from JOBLINGE has shown us how much we can do to help them.” Through this partnership, Lenovo employees have been able to serve the wider community as well as make a tangible difference in the lives of those seeking opportunities.

Santiago Mendes Galvis, Head of EMEA Corporate Citizenship at Lenovo, stated “I can’t express my gratitude enough to all Lenovo employees for keeping the momentum of Love on Month of Service for seven years! Without the support of 1300 employees from 24 EMEA offices spread across 3 continents, we could not have made this happen. A massive thank you to the project leads for their dedication to help keep LMOS the biggest contributor of social impact in EMEA.”

From empowering girls in Paris to transforming classrooms in Hungary and supporting refugees in Germany, the impact of our volunteer work is clear as is our company’s genuine commitment to social responsibility. These stories demonstrate the real change that can be affected through corporate engagement. While logging 7,975 volunteer hours in one month is a huge achievement, it is one stretch of an ongoing journey, and your continued involvement matters. Join us in inspiring change and creating a ripple effect that extends beyond borders. Together, we can continue building a brighter, more inclusive future.

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