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Experts: Show What You Know in a Skills-First Job Market

Experts: Show What You Know in a Skills-First Job Market

Published 02-09-24

Submitted by IBM

Listen to the full Whiteboard Advisors webinar here

Lydia Logan, IBM VP of Global Education and Workforce Development, recently joined Whiteboard Advisors, along with other industry experts, to talk about IBM SkillsBuild, the shift towards skills-based learning across the industry, and hiring trends.

“There are a lot of people who can work, and with a degree as the bar, they are kept out of the workforce unnecessarily or are kept out of the jobs they could be performing,” said Lydia. “In the tech sector, where we have jobs going unfilled, there’s no reason why the degree should be the barrier…if you can prove through training and skills that you can perform the job. Everyone wants a strong economy, we want as many people to work. Alternate certifications –- digital credentials, short-term programs -- exist that didn’t before, and we need to take advantage of those.”

IBM and many other employers recognize that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. A college degree is one in a growing mix of credentials that signify workforce readiness and competency. IBM provides free education opportunities through IBM SkillsBuild, helping learners develop valuable new skills and access career opportunities. IBM SkillsBuild offers over 1,000 courses in 20 languages on AI, sustainability, cybersecurity, data analysis, cloud computing, and many other technical disciplines - as well as workplace skills such as design thinking. Most importantly, participants can earn IBM-branded digital credentials recognized by the market.

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