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National Apprenticeship Week 2024: Skills For Life

By Jenny Taylor

National Apprenticeship Week 2024: Skills For Life

By Jenny Taylor

Published 02-08-24

Submitted by IBM

Jenny Taylor
Image courtesy of FE News

Originally published by FE News

“Skills for Life” is both an inspirational and very appropriate theme for this year’s National Apprenticeship Week. The half-life of skills is shrinking making continuous learning essential. In this article, Jenny explains how apprenticeships can help individuals and organisations fill the growing skills gap.

“Skills for Life” is a very inspirational theme for this year’s National Apprenticeship Week. “It all starts with skills” is the strapline and what an interesting one to choose, as opposed to “it all starts with qualifications or exam results”. The campaign aims to inspire individuals and businesses to make the most of their potential. This is very much needed, as according to the World Economic Forum, closing the global skills gap could add US$11.5 trillion to global GDP by 2028, and education and training systems need to keep pace with market demands. Companies estimate that 50% of all employees will need reskilling.

At IBM, this is not a new theme. Continuous skills development is critical in delivering valued service to our clients, and therefore a sustainable learning culture is paramount to IBM’s success. Every IBMer commits to enhancing their skills on an ongoing basis.  It’s also changed our attitude to how we recruit at all levels in the company not just in the UK, but globally too. In today’s economy, a career in technology does not always require a traditional bachelor’s degree. Skills are the currency of today and tomorrow and the half-life of skills is shrinking; the skills a person has today could be obsolete in a few years which makes continuous learning essential.

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