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Making a Sustainable Impact in a Supply Chain Career

By Evila Melgoza, Web Giants Project Manager

Making a Sustainable Impact in a Supply Chain Career

By Evila Melgoza, Web Giants Project Manager

Published 02-02-24

Submitted by Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric

Embracing new challenges, seizing opportunities, and making a positive impact on the environment are all possible in the world of Supply Chain. As someone who started their career as a Design Engineer and later transitioned into Supply Chain at Schneider Electric, I’ve experienced firsthand the transformative power of embracing change. Along the way, I’ve experienced living in a new country, and discovered the immense potential of Supply Chain to drive sustainability initiatives and create a better future for all.

Discovering New Horizons

When I joined Schneider Electric in 2011, I never imagined the diverse opportunities that lay ahead. As a manufacturing supervisor at the Monterrey Design Center Model shop, I gained valuable experience in industrial machines, schedules, and materials management. However, the desire to explore a different domain and work in a different country led me to pursue a role in Supply Chain.

Little did I know that this decision would shape my career and personal growth in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Evila Melgoza and husband skiing in mountains

The French Adventure

Through the ‘Marco Polo Program’, an exchange program for high-performing young professionals, I found myself moving to France for a new role as a Supply Chain leader for the Offer Creation process in Power Products. The challenges were immense, from language barriers to understanding complex supply chain concepts, and then training my team on how to use it. Yet, with determination, hard work, and countless hours of studying, I not only adapted to my new role but also became an expert in supply chain management and planning tool.

Embracing the French experience fully, my husband and I even tried snowboarding because we were living so close to the French Alps, resulting in a broken elbow halfway through the season but unforgettable memories.

Returning to North America

After two transformative years in France, it was time to return to North America. I accepted a position in Nashville as a Sales Inventory Operations and Planning Leader, further expanding my expertise in Supply Chain. The opportunities continued to unfold, and I eventually became the North America Supply Chain leader.

Inspired by my passion for training and research, I decided to join one of Schneider’s career growth programs, leveraging my skills to make a meaningful impact. Driven by employees, this program not only nurtures career growth and expands exposure through training and sponsorship but also amplifies connections with pivotal business leaders.

Three people inspecting a machine.

Driving Sustainability in Supply Chain

One of the most rewarding experiences I had was working on the launch of a new low-voltage switchboard known as FlexSet, Schneider’s new award winning low-voltage switchboard in North America. In designing the supply chain process for the launch of this product, I focused on sustainability initiatives, such as using returnable crates and environmentally friendly packaging.

The potential for green actions in Supply Chain is immense, from choosing regional suppliers to reducing CO2 emissions to optimizing flows and minimizing waste. Supply Chain offers such a unique opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Making a Difference Beyond Work

At Schneider Electric, I am proud to be part of the Hispanic Employee Resource Network and serve as the Director for Outreach activities, which involve donations and volunteering. Through the Schneider Electric Foundation, we have supported the nonprofit organization ECE (Equal Chance for Education), providing scholarships and opportunities to DACA recipients. Witnessing the impact we have on underprivileged minorities and seeing ECE graduates join Schneider Electric is a source of immense pride.

EC&M Product of the year and images of the FlexSeT.

Resilience, Adaptability, and Success

Throughout my journey, I have faced numerous challenges, both technical and interpersonal. Navigating uncomfortable conversations, managing a large team, and learning new languages and software were just a few of the obstacles I encountered. However, through resilience, adaptability, and hard work, I overcame these challenges and achieved personal and professional success. I learned that hard work alone is not the sole key to success; it must be coupled with focus, passion, and a willingness to embrace change.

As I reflect on my journey to a Supply Chain leader at Schneider Electric, I am grateful for the opportunities, growth, and impact I have experienced. I’ve learnt that hard work does pay off and you need to remember, just because you are taking more time than others to achieve what you want, that doesn’t mean you have failed.

Find what you enjoy and build your vision, like a pro chess player, and be mindful that the finer details of your goal might change in the long term, because so is life. If you ask me what role I wanted to land 10 years ago when I joined Schneider, I would have answered something different from the one I have today. So my advice to you? Keep your options open and seize new opportunities!

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