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Lenovo Partners With Somos do Bem Indaiatuba To Help Create a More Accessible, Inclusive World

Lenovo Partners With Somos do Bem Indaiatuba To Help Create a More Accessible, Inclusive World

Published 02-02-24

Submitted by Lenovo

A child leant against a window with their arms folded, looking out

According to UNICEF, about 10% – approximately 236.4 million – children aged 0-17 years have moderate-to-severe disabilities globally. Lenovo believes every child, regardless of ability, should have access to enriching opportunities to learn, grow and feel empowered. Recognizing this responsibility, Lenovo strives to partner with organizations that are inspiring and advancing efforts to make the world more accessible and inclusive.

For over 47 years, Somos do Bem Indaiatuba, a non-profit organization in Brazil, has been working to improve the quality of life for those with disabilities, including children and their families. The organization provides 8,700 services per month in its outpatient clinic – assisting 790 people, educating 195 students in the Special Education School and treating 95 people in its therapeutic office. Lenovo’s partnership with Somos do Bem began in 2023 when Lenovo provided 7 of PCs to the organization to help advance its digital capabilities, laying the foundation for a meaningful relationship. Lenovo’s technology is used by the organization’s occupational and psychological therapists to support children with disabilities, in addition to powering the administrative operations of the NGO.

A child in a wheelchair with lenovo employees talking to them

During Lenovo’s Love on Global Month of Service, employees across the globe are encouraged to spend time giving back to their communities. This year, 35 Lenovo employees volunteered with Somos do Bem students to paint and renovate the organization’s sports court, used for sports activities, physical education and general recreation. In addition, Lenovo invited 15 students to a Lenovo factory in Indaiatuba. Throughout the visit, the students had an immersive experience by learning about manufacturing, seeing how Lenovo notebooks are made, and how Lenovo creates smarter technology with an inclusive workforce. Students had the ability to see how people with disabilities are part of Lenovo’s inclusive workforce in Indaiatuba, inspiring them for a future where they can be part of Lenovo’s innovation.

Claudinei Oliveira, a Lenovo employee whose daughter is a student at Somos do Bem, was excited to welcome her and her classmates to Lenovo. “My daughter will continue to be a source of inspiration for me, spending the afternoon with her at Lenovo was an incredible moment”, said Claudinei. “It’s important to understand that we all have something to learn from each other, and she teaches me something every day. This initiative by Lenovo is very important, contributing to making the world more inclusive for children like my daughter.”

A child wearing glasses looking towards and adult

Lenovo continues to strive to be a champion for disability inclusion and prides itself on creating space that is inclusive of people with all unique abilities. Beneficiaries of Somos do Bem are regularly part of Lenovo’s recruitment process for manufacturing.

“I witnessed a unique moment – when people donated their precious time to do good! More than just painting the sports court, Lenovo employees interacted with the children and painted their hearts with respect and affection” – Luis Claudio Lupoli – Director of Education at ‘Somos do Bem'”

Looking ahead, Lenovo is eager to continue its partnership with Somos do Bem. Most immediately, Lenovo supports and participates in opportunities to raise awareness of Somos do Bem in the workplace through fundraisers, merchandise sales and other campaigns. Lenovo’s commitment to empowering people with disabilities is a testament to the power of inclusivity and accessibility to help create a better world – for everyone.

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