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Driving Sustainability Excellence: Insights From Dr. Yogendra Chaudhry, SSCI Benchmark Leader

Join the SSCI Webinar Series where global experts share insights to build trust in social and environmental standards worldwide

Driving Sustainability Excellence: Insights From Dr. Yogendra Chaudhry, SSCI Benchmark Leader

Join the SSCI Webinar Series where global experts share insights to build trust in social and environmental standards worldwide

Published 02-02-24

Submitted by The Consumer Goods Forum

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Welcome to a unique knowledge-sharing experience where the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) opens the doors to a dynamic series of webinars. In just 30 minutes, immerse yourself in industry best practices, collaboration opportunities and valuable lessons in building trust across social and environmental standards worldwide.

Our first webinar on 5 February 2024 , “Driving sustainability excellence: Insights from Dr. Yogendra Chaudhry, SSCI Benchmark Leader” will showcase the SSCI benchmarking process from the perspective of one of our third party experts.

Watch the webinar to unlock:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Uncover the latest trends and strategies shaping sustainable supply chains
  • Collaboration Opportunity: Connect with industry experts and like-minded professionals around the world
  • Industry Best Practice: Learn from the best in the field and implement proven approaches in your organisation

Whether you’re at your desk or on a walk, the SSCI Webinar Series provides a convenient platform to enhance your understanding of crucial topics in social and environmental standards. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a community dedicated to driving positive change.

If you are interested in using the SSCI, are a CGF member or a future Benchmark Leader and are ready to join us at the forefront of sustainable supply chain practices – register now and tune in on 5 February from 1600 – 1630 CET / 1000 – 1030 EST for the chance to ask your questions to Yogendra in our Q&A session.

Dr. Yogendra Chaudhry


Can’t make it? If you register, you’ll receive the webinar recording when it’s available on-demand so you don’t miss out.

Dr. Yogendra CHAUDHRY
Vice President, Professional Services & ESG, ECO Canada

For over 25 years of his career in the Environment, Human Rights, and Sustainability, Yogendra (Yogi) has delivered projects across Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Yogi holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and an MBA from the University of Alberta. He also supports many Canadian and international academic institutions, standard-setting organizations, and industry associations in various professional capacities.

As Vice President, Professional Services & ESG at ECO Canada, Yogi oversees the development and delivery of professional services to support the rapidly growing network of the Canadian environment and sustainability workforce. He provides strategic insight and technical support for environmental and sustainability programs. He works closely with various stakeholders including government, industry, Indigenous partners, and environment & sustainability professionals. Yogi oversees ECO Canada’s Certification and Accreditation Programs, Corporate Training, Technical and Professional Services, ESG & strategic initiatives, and ECO Canada’s Indigenous programs.

With over 1,000 audit days in Environment, Social Compliance, and OHS audits, Yogi has worked on >30 International Standards on Environment & Social Compliance and Responsible Business across the globe.

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