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Looking Back at 2023 and Dreaming of 2024 With Gen

2023 at Gen: Our Year in Review

Looking Back at 2023 and Dreaming of 2024 With Gen

2023 at Gen: Our Year in Review

Published 01-31-24

Submitted by Gen

Gen Blog | Corporate Responsibility

WRITTEN BY Ondrej Vlcek President

Looking back at 2023, "Powering Digital Freedom" resonates as more than just an idea — it's been our driving motivation for all the work we did and continue to do. Our goal has always been to develop technology solutions that enable people to explore the digital world safely, securely and confidently. This last year, we've set new standards for protecting consumers and innovating within the security landscape, making the digital world a safer place for everyone.

Our achievements, partnerships and forward-thinking vision continue to prove our standing as the leader in Cyber Safety.

We’ve hit many major milestones in our first year as Gen. While there is so much to reflect on and celebrate, here are a few highlights.

A person looking at a device in the dark. A city scape behind them.

Leveraging AI to fight fraudsters: introducing Norton Genie 

In response to the evolving sophistication of cyber threats, we introduced Norton Genie to help people take control of their Cyber Safety. This innovative app combines the power of AI with the human intelligence and experience of our teams to combat digital scams, which are becoming more complex and prevalent every day.

With proprietary AI models trained on decades of scam and fraud data, Genie provides an accessible and intuitive way for people to intelligently judge the legitimacy of messages across various platforms. Whether dealing with texts, emails or social media messages, Genie operates as a simple yet powerful tool in the fight against digital scams.

Our goals for Genie are clear: provide an approachable application that offers a real-time guide for people in a world where scams and fraud are harder to spot than ever. By simply uploading a screenshot of a suspicious message, people can gain immediate insights into its credibility. This accessibility, combined with advanced AI technology, helps to empower consumers to navigate their digital communications confidently and helps to safeguard them against potential threats.

Norton Genie logo

Partnering with the Open Wallet Foundation to promote Digital Freedom 

In today's world, digital connectivity is essential, enabling individuals to shop, bank, learn and connect from virtually anywhere. As we approach an even more digitally integrated future, we're committed to ensuring that this evolution prioritizes people’s safety, privacy and freedom. Our unique approach focuses on creating a future where digital empowerment and security go hand in hand.

This year, our partnership with the Open Wallet Foundation (OWF) marked a significant milestone toward realizing that goal. We advocate for a secure, decentralized means for transactions and identity that turns away from a future where individual companies control people’s data and financial information.

The open-source digital wallet, a key goal of the OWF, supports the development of digital wallets that are portable, secure and able to be used on any device, for any service and with any type of data. It’s a sea change for consumer autonomy, offering a solution where privacy, financial information and transaction history are controlled by the individual, rather than individual corporations.

OpenWallet and Gen logos

Hitting top 5 for the Fortune Modern Board 25 

Our recognition by the Fortune Modern Board 25 as having one of the top five most innovative boards in the S&P 500 is a proud reflection of our ongoing commitment to consumer protection.

Fortune’s prestigious ranking highlights the diverse and innovation-driven members of our board, stretching from Arizona to Prague. Our board members come from backgrounds that reflect expertise in Cyber Safety and other related fields. Their collective diversity, experience, insight and independence are the driving forces behind our innovative approach to navigating the rapidly changing digital climate.

On top of this recognition, we also received other accolades that deserve a mention:

Volunteers holding out kits

Honoring our responsibilities and creating a culture of giving 

We’re committed to making a real impact. And, for us, the best way we know how is to connect our passions with technical knowledge to provide Cyber Safety education and data privacy training around the world. With partners like Nasscom Foundation, Czechitas and The Trevor Project, we’re able to support and empower people of all ages and from all walks of life.

From large-scale efforts like $424K donated on Giving Tuesday, our Global Volunteer Day, and Back-to-School volunteering to individual efforts for sustainability, 2023 has been full of positive impact that people can feel. We’re very grateful that others have recognized us for that.

Our social impact work helps us to bring equity, opportunities and safety to people all over the globe.

Our commitment to innovation and protection continues 

As we look to the future, our dedication to protecting people around the world from scams, viruses, malware and other exploits remains steadfast. Gen stands to be at the forefront of Cyber Safety innovation and our global reach informs our understanding of cultural nuances and vulnerabilities in our fight against cyberthreats. For 2024, we’ll continue to adapt and address the ever-evolving threat landscape, now exacerbated by weaponization of AI, to provide comprehensive protection for people worldwide.

We're proud of the strides we've made in our purpose of Powering Digital Freedom and excited for what lies ahead. We invite you to delve deeper into our accomplishments and future plans by visiting the Gen newsroom and exploring our product advancements.

Together, we can continue to shape a future where Digital Freedom and security are not just ideals but realities for everyone. Join us in creating a safer digital tomorrow.

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Gen (NASDAQ: GEN) is a global company dedicated to powering Digital Freedom through its trusted Cyber Safety brands, Norton, Avast, LifeLock, Avira, AVG, ReputationDefender and CCleaner. There's a new generation, and it's not Gen X, Y, or Z. It's Gen D: Generation Digital. Gen's family of consumer brands is rooted in providing safety for the first digital generations. Now, Gen empowers people to live their digital lives safely, privately, and confidently today and for generations to come. Gen brings award-winning products and services in cybersecurity, online privacy and identity protection to more than 500 million users in more than 150 countries. Learn more at

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