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KOCH INVESTS: Building an Energy-Efficient Recycling Steel Rebar Mill

KOCH INVESTS: Building an Energy-Efficient Recycling Steel Rebar Mill

Published 01-30-24

Submitted by Koch Industries

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Koch Minerals & Trading (KM&T) recently participated in a $700 million debt and equity financing round for Hybar, a newly formed company that plans to build, start up and operate a technologically advanced and energy-efficient scrap metal recycling steel rebar mill in Arkansas.

  • KM&T joined TPG Rise Climate and Global Principal Partners in the investment, $470 million of which will be spent to build the mill, with the remainder used to start up and operate it, build a solar power plant and port facility, and pay certain debt service costs during construction.


  • The mill is expected to take 22 months to build on a 1,300-acre site with direct access to barge, rail, and truck transportation options.
  • Hybar plans to produce 630,000 tons of rebar annually with approximately 154 employees, or 4,090 tons per employee.

WHY KOCH INVESTED: “We're excited to support Hybar in bringing this transformational scrap metal recycling facility to market,” said Vance Holtzman, senior vice president of KM&T Investments. “Moving forward, we see this as a mutually beneficial partnership, matching KM&T's capabilities with the Hybar and TPG teams’ proven track record in developing innovative projects that meet market needs.”

  • The partnership with Hybar follows a successful investment in Big River Steel, which was subsequently fully acquired by U.S. Steel.
  • KM&T subsidiary Koch Metallics will provide metallics procurement services to Hybar and risk management services to Hybar customers.

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: “We're proud to have the backing of Koch Minerals & Trading as part of a group of investors that see the potential promise of our innovative scrap metal recycling steel rebar technology,” said Hybar CEO Dave Stickler.

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