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Mary Kay Helps Pioneer Gender Equality Research in Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

Mary Kay Helps Pioneer Gender Equality Research in Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

Published 01-19-24

Submitted by Mary Kay

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According to the Stanford Social Innovation Review1, AI Algorithms exhibiting gender bias resulted in 70% of lower quality of service for women. At Mary Kay, we know a level playing field is not only key but vital for women entrepreneurs to thrive in today’s digital economy.

In 2021, Mary Kay joined forces with the Equal Rights Trust (ERT) to support a new field of research new research focused on understanding and addressing the discriminatory impacts of artificial intelligence and its impacts on gender equality, and the development of a new “equality by design approach.” Equal Rights Trust (ERT) is an independent international non-governmental organization which exists to eliminate discrimination and ensure everyone can participate in society on an equal basis.

Addressing potential gender bias in new technologies and working to ensure that AI technology is designed to foster equality is another path for Mary Kay to demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity as core to our mission of enriching women’s lives,” said Melinda Foster Sellers, Chief People Officer at Mary Kay.

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The initiative culminated with the recent launch of a new set of legal standards – the Principles on Equality by Design in Algorithmic Decision-Making – developed by the Equal Rights Trust and endorsed by a group of leading international equality organizations. The pioneering research includes guidance on how to ensure that AI technology and machine learning are developed and used in ways which accelerate equality. The Principles build the case for an “Equality by Design” approach to system design as an integral part of the development process. The Principles also elaborate why national governments and businesses must adopt such an approach and provide detailed guidance for its implementation.

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