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Bloomberg Receives Multiple Honors for LGBTQ+, Diversity & Inclusion, and Disability Hiring Leadership in Japan

Bloomberg Receives Multiple Honors for LGBTQ+, Diversity & Inclusion, and Disability Hiring Leadership in Japan

Published 01-12-24

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Bloomberg announced that it has received seven prestigious awards and certifications for its commitment to LGBTQ+, D&I and disability hiring initiatives in Japan. The various forms of recognition were all announced within the last month and include:

  • The D&I Awards ‘Grand Prize’ from JobRainbow
  • The D&I Awards ‘Best Workplace’ from JobRainbow
  • The PRIDE Index Gold Certification from work with Pride
  • Rainbow Certification on the PRIDE Index from work with Pride
  • The Ability Advocator ACE Award and ‘Grand Prize’ from Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE)
  • The Environment Creation ACE Award from ACE

Bloomberg received a Diversity Score of 99 from JobRainbow, which evaluates a company’s D&I framework in the areas of gender, LGBTQ+, disability, multiculturalism and childcare & caregiving. In assessing that score, JobRainbow also bestowed its highest honors on Bloomberg for the first time: its Grand Prize and Best Workplace awards.

In awarding these honors, JobRainbow cited Bloomberg’s work to address challenging topics such as intersectionality and HIV in Japanese working culture, calling Bloomberg a role model for all companies for its contribution to local communities and for its collaboration with academia on these issues.

Bloomberg also won its fourth consecutive Gold Certification in the PRIDE Index 2023 and has also been awarded the ‘Rainbow’ certification, recognizing our cross-sector collaboration in support of LGBTQ+-related initiatives.

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The PRIDE Index was created by work with Pride, a foundation that supports the promotion of LGBTQ+-related initiatives within businesses in Japan. The index evaluates organizations’ LGBTQ+-related initiatives based on five criteria: policy, representation, inspiration, development, and engagement & empowerment.

The Rainbow certification is awarded to companies that satisfy three criteria: previous Gold certification in the PRIDE Index, public support for LGBTQ+ legislation in Japan, and implementing initiatives to promote the understanding and protection of LGBTQ+ rights, both within their own organization and in collaboration with other entities that transcend sectors.

Finally, Bloomberg was honored with two awards from ACE. Yasumasa Nakagomi, from Bloomberg’s data team in Tokyo, was recognized with an individual honor, receiving the ACE Ability Advocator Award as well as the ‘Grand Prize’, the latter of which is only awarded in exceptional circumstances. Yasumasa was recognized for excelling in his work by taking lessons from living with a disability and applying them as a source of competitive advantage, and in advocating for people with developmental disabilities, including proactive outreach to students with disabilities and their families to help them create robust support networks.

The Environment Creation Award, also awarded by ACE, was given to the company in recognition of Bloomberg’s efforts to foster a workplace where employees, including those with mental and developmental disabilities, can work with peace of mind.

D&I Award Grand Prize for diversity & inclusion 2023

Commenting on the various awards and certifications, Pamela Hutchinson, Bloomberg’s Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion said, “At Bloomberg, our vision is to create a workplace which is inclusive of all and exclusive of none. While these honors reflect many different aspects of diversity, the one thing they have in common is that they reflect our absolute commitment to creating safe, inclusive spaces for our employees wherever they are around the world.”

“We are deeply grateful to these organizations for the time and effort they put into D&I advocacy within Japan. We are honored to be recognized by these organizations and will continue to work tirelessly as we strive towards our D&I vision,” Hutchinson said.

For more on Bloomberg’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts, read here. You can find more information about each of these honors directly from the organizations overseeing them:

  • For more information about the ACE Awards, read here.
  • For more information about the work with Pride awards and certification process, read here.
  • For more information about JobRainbow and its Diversity Scores, read here.

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