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Lenovo Work for Humankind Builds a “Future Science & Technology Museum” for Primary School Students in Rural China

Lenovo Work for Humankind Builds a “Future Science & Technology Museum” for Primary School Students in Rural China

Published 01-09-24

Submitted by Lenovo

In collaboration with Lenovo Foundation Beijing and Guangming Daily, and through its Work For Humankind China program, Lenovo has built an AI-enhanced science and technology museum to spark an interest in literacy and science education among primary school children in rural China.

Located in Heshi Town Central Primary School in Xiushui County, the science and technology museum is a longstanding dream of Shen Kuiyuan – a teacher in Jiangxi Province – who has long sought to bring technology and learning together to open opportunities for students and help close the divide between urban and rural communities.

Sprawling over 300 square meters, the museum features Lenovo technology and AI capabilities that help to bring six interactive zones to life for students:

  • Futuristic Art Class – Voice-interactive AI empowers students to become budding artists.
  • Futuristic Science Class – Enables students to discover a world reshaped by computational power across fields such as weather forecasting, intelligent manufacturing, animation rendering, and space exploration.
  • Futuristic History Class – Augmented reality (AR) immersion takes students on virtual tours of Beijing’s historic landmarks.
  • Futuristic P.E. Class – AI recognition allows students to digitally track and enhance their performance in physical education based on sports science.
  • Futuristic Astronomy Class – Takes students on a celestial voyage with 3D stereoscopic visuals.
  • Futuristic Classroom – Showcases a tech-infused learning environment that supports livestreaming, recording, and more.
AI Art Collage
Collage of AI art created by students.

According to Mao Shijie, Vice President of Lenovo Group and Dean of Lenovo Research Institute Shanghai Branch, “We hope that in addition to the teachers and students of Heshi Town Central Primary School, children in the greater Xiushui County, Jiujiang City and beyond will have access to Lenovo Work For Humankind’s Future Science & Technology Museum. By piquing our children’s curiosity in science and technology, we hope to inspire a new generation of innovative, scientific and technological talents that will go out and do good in society.”

Open to the public and free of charge, the museum stands to directly benefit over 120,000 primary and secondary school students in Xiushui county, and underscores Lenovo’s deep commitment to developing smarter technology for all. Through its Work for Humankind program, of which this initiative is a part, Lenovo is using technology as a force for positive change, bridging gaps in technology and education and fostering human connections in previously unconnected regions of the world.

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