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Decarbonizing Port Operations for the Modern Era

DP World Americas COO Morten Johansen explores how port operators are investing in sustainable operations in the push to decarbonize

Decarbonizing Port Operations for the Modern Era

DP World Americas COO Morten Johansen explores how port operators are investing in sustainable operations in the push to decarbonize

Published 12-22-23

Submitted by DP World

Nearly all – 90% – of global trade is seaborne, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), underscoring the significant environmental impact of ports and shipping. With shipping contributing nearly 3% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and maritime trade volumes expected to triple by 2050, the industry is at a tipping point, writes Morten Johansen, COO for DP World Americas in a recent article published in Forbes.

“These environmental costs can no longer be ignored, especially considering that due to growing demand for global freight,” Johansen writes in his article, “Pioneering a Sustainable Future in Port Operations.” 

Johansen underscores the urgency of decarbonizing maritime port operations due to the significant environmental impact of shipping. He notes that as one of the world’s leading port operators, DP World has a shared responsibility in reducing emissions and championing cleaner and more sustainable practices. This collective obligation extends to every stakeholder in the value chain, including terminal operators, OEMs, port authorities, government entities, and shipping line operators.

Johansen looks to his experience at DP World to illustrate strategies that fellow port operators can use to help reduce carbon emissions. This includes electrifying port equipment, investing in renewable energy, and exploring alternative fuels and technologies. He references specific examples as follows:

  • Investing in electrifying container-handling equipment (CHE), which is responsible for substantial carbon emissions. DP World has already begun introducing electric cranes at the Port of Callao in Peru, electric terminal tractors in the Dominican Republic, and replacing diesel RTGs with electric versions at Brazil's Port of Santos.
  • Commitment to renewable energy. DP World has invested in generating solar energy on-site and in running its Chile and Peru operations on 100% hydroelectric power. 
  • Pioneering alternative solutions, such as hydrogen. DP World is exploring zero emission hydrogen fuel cell technology for its rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs) at the Port of Vancouver. 

Johansen notes that DP World's efforts in decarbonization are not just about meeting its own goals, but also about setting a benchmark for the maritime industry. As such, he highlights incremental progress and adapting strategies to regional needs as key to successful decarbonization. 

This article is a compelling read for port operators and stakeholders in the maritime industry, offering actionable insights for a sustainable future in global trade. Read the full article here: Pioneering a Sustainable Future in Port Operations.


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