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AMD Partners With CHORD India and Udayan Care Foundation To Support Women and Girls on a Path to Employment

AMD Partners With CHORD India and Udayan Care Foundation To Support Women and Girls on a Path to Employment

Published 12-14-23

Submitted by AMD

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For over four decades, AMD has invested money, time and technology in organizations around the globe to meaningfully impact the way we live today and help create a better tomorrow. In addition to volunteering time, AMD and our employees fulfill our global commitment as responsible neighbors through charitable giving.

In 2022, as part of our aspiration to promote sustainable livelihoods for Indian women and girls living in disadvantaged communities, we broadened our community programs focused on education.

The lack of required skills creates a major challenge to employment of some women in India today. To address this, AMD funds the Skill Bharath program run by CHORD India, which provides skill training for employability for underprivileged and vulnerable women in Hyderabad. With the support of AMD, more than 1,200 women aged 18 to 35 have already taken part in the training toward independence.

In 2022, we renewed our support in a project to empower 160 women with training in tailoring and textile design. All 160 women enrolled in the Skill Bharath program completed the course. The training aimed to build their confidence and make them more competitive in the employment market. Following the program, the participants either secured work or started home-based enterprises with the goal of achieving financial independence.

Our community efforts are also focused on helping younger women and girls for the country’s future workforce. This includes educational support through our long-term partnership with Udayan Care Foundation. The Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program seeks to benefit girls from lower-income backgrounds with educational and financial support and experimental learning. The girls receive individual mentoring from our workforce and their families are invited to take part in counseling. The program also assists the girls in broadening their horizons and encourages them to become socially responsible citizens. From October 2022 to March 2023, AMD supported 15 girls and their families, helping them improve life skills and understand the importance of learning.

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Originally published in AMD 2022-23 Corporate Responsibility Report

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