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Mary Kay and the Power of Women and Trees – Female-Produced and Directed Documentary Tells One Woman’s Story of Environmental and Economic Empowerment

Mary Kay and the Power of Women and Trees – Female-Produced and Directed Documentary Tells One Woman’s Story of Environmental and Economic Empowerment

Published 12-12-23

Submitted by Mary Kay

People collecting seedlings from dirt under a canopy outside.

Trees play a vital role in our environment providing clean air, water filtration, and habitats for animals. For decades, Mary Kay has supported conservation initiatives in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the Arbor Day Foundation (ADF) to drive impact in critical areas such as reforestation.

Mary Kay, in partnership with TNC, produced a short film, Forest of Hope, telling the story of Angélica Torres, leader of Mujeres Unidas Para La Conservacion de Laguna de Sanchez, and a group of female entrepreneurs as they combat environmental challenges in the area surrounding Monterrey, Mexico.

In the heart of the Sierra Madre mountain range in southern Mexico, 71-year-old Angélica Torres is determined to change her country’s future. An ecowarrior and entrepreneur from humble beginnings, Torres created a sustainability initiative that is breathing new life into the forest.

The eye-opening documentary takes viewers to a small mountain town surrounded by the Cumbres de Monterrey National Forest where clear-cutting and fires have destroyed more than 30% of the forest. Determined to protect what was left, Torres started “Women United for the Conservation of Laguna de Sanchez” and in turn, created a grassroots movement. Women of her village planted trees, built a greenhouse and together, they are working to not only replenish the forest but also to create a better economic life for their families by selling what they grow.

People planting seeds in small pots in a greenhouse.

“At 71 years young, Angélica proves that you’re never too old to make a difference in this world and as a woman myself it was wonderful to find myself inspired by her spirit and the work that she does,” said Cris Graves, Director of Forest of Hope.

“I hope young and old will find inspiration like I have as they get to know Angélica, her family and her community.” Forest of Hope was screened at the 17th annual Dallas International Film Festival, the North Dakota Environmental Rights Film Festival, Hot Springs International Women’s Film Festival, San Francisco Green Film Festival and La Femme International Film Festival.

The power of women in conservation is an inspiration as Angélica Torres’ passion for protecting the environment is matched only by her compassion for the women in her village.

Mary Kay continues to empower women and partner with TNC as the ADF to do our part to conserve and rebuild our planet’s natural resources through tree plantings. This fall, Mary Kay supported a reforestation effort in Mexico’s Cerro Pelón area, home to a monarch butterfly sanctuary. The new trees planted will help rebuild the ecosystem and nesting ground for the monarch butterfly and empower the community to be good stewards of the forest.

For the most recent updates on Mary Kay’s global sustainability strategy, click here.

People planting seeds in small pots in a greenhouse.


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