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Principal Scientist Alice Cheung and Product Optimization Manager Alexis Kriegl Are Inspiring Future Pioneers Through STEM Education

Alice Cheung and Alexis Kriegl are highly skilled scientists at Henkel who are inspiring curiosity and creating paths for the next generation of scientists to explore.

Principal Scientist Alice Cheung and Product Optimization Manager Alexis Kriegl Are Inspiring Future Pioneers Through STEM Education

Alice Cheung and Alexis Kriegl are highly skilled scientists at Henkel who are inspiring curiosity and creating paths for the next generation of scientists to explore.

Published 12-04-23

Submitted by Henkel

Alice and Alexis smiling in lab gear. "Pioneers for Good" to the left.

Henkel Spotlight News

Our purpose is what unites us at Henkel North America: Pioneers at heart for the good of generations. Our pioneering spirit is reflective of the diverse backgrounds, experiences and talents of our employees and partners. They dare to make an impact on the world by collaborating to tackle challenges, find solutions and open new perspectives.

Their contributions allow us to deliver products, services and innovations that enrich and improve everyday life. We invite you to “meet” two of our pioneers in a double edition of our new series, “Pioneers for Good.”

Alice Cheung, Principal Scientist Product Development, and Alexis Kriegl, Product Optimization Manager, both play essential roles at Henkel Adhesive Technologies in providing innovative solutions for the packaging and consumer goods business. Alice has been with Henkel for 13 years working on advancements in hot melt adhesive products for end-of-line packaging applications. Alexis has been with the company for 9 years, working on adhesive solutions used in everyday products such as box closures, bottle labels, and sustainable paper products.

Working at Henkel has enabled Alexis and Alice to maximize their abilities, discover new possibilities within their field and uncover a passion for inspiring and mentoring the next generation.

Henkel’s commitment to education through programs like Henkel Researchers’ World provides opportunities for Alice and Alexis to share their love of science. They were lead organizers of the Henkel Researchers’ World event for National STEM Day on Nov. 8 where they taught science lessons to elementary school children. Alice says, “STEM helps advance our society and I am passionate about doing my part to encourage future generations to recognize its importance and contributions to everyday life.”

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The team of scientists created a fun learning experience for children attending Henkel Researchers’ World STEM Day event at the company’s Bridgewater, NJ facility. Pictured from left to right: Kashaf Minhas, Alice Cheung, Dan Dang, Alexis Kriegl, and Susan Wojcik.

Alice, Scientist, Inventor, Volunteer at Heart

As a Principal Scientist for Henkel’s Packaging and Consumer Goods business, Alice designs and formulates new and innovative hot melt adhesive products for Henkel’s customers and consumers. After graduating with her Ph.D. in Polymer Science and working at a chemical company, Alice was interested in joining Henkel to pursue an adhesive formulation position, which was a new area for her. Since her journey at Henkel began 13 years ago, she’s been able to develop innovative solutions and patented technologies that have contributed to Henkel’s winning portfolio.

Being an instructor for Henkel Researchers’ World program is the latest in Alice’s extensive volunteer efforts for science education. Each year, Alice joins a Henkel team as a Sustainability Ambassador, where they visit schools to teach children about sustainable behavior at home. Her favorite part of every program is answering questions from the students and seeing that spark of innovative creativity within each child.

These experiences have been rewarding knowing that I have the opportunity to provide a stimulating and fun environment for each child. I hope one day they may also aspire to encourage future generations to take an active role in protecting our environment and igniting the spirit of a researcher to keep searching for ways to improve life.

Alice Cheung, Principal Scientist Product Development, Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Not only does she teach inside classrooms, but Alice has also helped create one. One of her favorite projects was the “Henkel Cargo of Dreams,” which transformed a trailer into a kindergarten classroom. What resonated most with Alice during this project was knowing that the classroom would engage children in exciting learning experiences.

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Alice Cheung helps a young researcher make pulp to create new paper from recycled materials.

Alexis, Engineer, Chemist and Mentor

At Henkel, Alexis has worked as an application engineer and product development chemist to help create new adhesives, manufacturing lines/processes, lab testing procedures, and new products. “I am continuously enamored at the engineering that goes into food and e-commerce packaging and love being a part of a team providing a beneficial adhesive solution for our customers.”

Alexis’s career journey at Henkel extends beyond the advancements she has helped to make in adhesives. Through Henkel’s education initiatives, Alexis shares her passion for science and gains great personal fulfillment. In addition to being a Henkel Researchers’ World instructor, Alexis is on the Sustainability Ambassadors team with Alice preparing lessons and teaching at local schools. She is also a key organizer of Henkel’s Take your Child to Work Day event –organizing activities to help children learn about their parent’s jobs in chemistry, engineering, marketing, sustainability and more.

I have a passion for inspiring and generating curiosity in the next generation of scientists and engineers. I love seeing the excitement as their hands raise to ask and answer questions.

Alexis Kriegl, Product Optimization Manager, Henkel Adhesive Technologies

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Alexis Kriegl engaging young scientists in creating sticking substances (adhesives) at Henkel Researchers’ World STEM Day event.

Alexis says every role and experience she’s had at Henkel have helped transform her into the passionate, creative, and resourceful person she is today.

What it means to be a pioneer at heart for the good of generations

To Alexis, being a pioneer at heart for the good of generations means continuously exploring and challenging the current standard. To Alice, it means pushing forward so everyone has an opportunity to do good for generations. Their advice for young scientists is to be curious, courageous, and communicative!

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Alice and Alexis are on the team of Henkel Sustainability Ambassadors teaching lessons in how to live sustainably to students at a local middle school.


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Alice and colleagues working on the Cargo of Dreams project.


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Alice co-organized the 2023 the Scientific Symposium of Adhesive Technologies at Henkel’s Bridgewater, NJ site.


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During Henkel’s Take Your Child to Work day event, Alexis conducts messy fun to learn about metals.


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Alexis is demonstrating how Henkel’s hot melt polyurethane can used to assemble doors, flooring, soundproof panels, and other items.


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