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Aflac Encourages You to #TagTwo To Remind Others To Get Their Regular Checkups

Aflac Encourages You to #TagTwo To Remind Others To Get Their Regular Checkups

Published 12-04-23

Submitted by Aflac Incorporated

Originally published on Aflac Newsroom

How many times have you thought, “I’m so busy, and I feel fine … I’m going to cancel my doctor appointment”?

Turns out, you’re not alone. According to the Aflac Wellness Matters Survey, 1 in 4 Americans skip regular checkups or delay a visit to the doctor because they feel healthy.

Gold medalist, two-time Olympian, two-time Olympic Hall of Fame inductee and cancer survivor Shannon Miller recommends thinking twice before you cancel that doctor’s appointment.

“Keeping my annual wellness appointment with my doctor saved my life, but I was really close to canceling it because I felt healthy,” said Miller. “My ovarian cancer was caught early, and I am grateful to be 12 years cancer-free.”

Watch the video above to hear about Shannon Miller’s story.

With our policies and through our advocacy, helping people with cancer is at the core of Aflac, which is why we conducted the Wellness Matters Survey. When we learned that 51% of respondents who have had cancer said their diagnosis came as a result of a routine checkup or screening, we knew it was time to start a discussion about early detection of cancer and how it can help improve outcomes and, in some cases, save lives. Learn more about the Wellness Matters survey at

Shannon Miller, Olympic Gold Medalist and Cancer Survivor.
Photo Credit: Renee Parenteau

Want to help spread the word? Follow Aflac on Facebook and Instagram, and tag two friends to remind them to schedule their checkups using the hashtags #TagTwo and #WellnessMatters. When you do, be sure to also tag @Aflac and @ShannonMiller, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a gift signed by Shannon as well as a plush Aflac duck.

Cancer insurance is also known as Specified Disease insurance in some states.

This is a brief product overview only. Coverage may not be available in all states, including but not limited to ID, NJ, NM, NY, or VA. Benefits/premium rates may vary based on plan selected. Optional riders may be available at an additional cost. Plans and riders may also contain a waiting period. Refer to the exact plans and riders for benefit details, definitions, limitations and exclusions. For availability and costs, please contact your local Aflac agent/producer.

In Delaware, Policies B70100DE, B70200DE & B70300DE. In Idaho, Policies B70100ID, B70200ID, B70300ID, B7010EPID, B7020EPID. In Oklahoma, Policies B70100OK, B70200OK, B70300OK, B7010EPOK, B7020EPOK. . In Virginia, policies A75100VA–A75300VA.

Coverage is underwritten by American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus. In New York, coverage is underwritten by American Family Life Assurance Company of New York.


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