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Jazz Pharmaceuticals' 2022 Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact Report: Using Natural Resources Responsibly

Jazz Pharmaceuticals' 2022 Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact Report: Using Natural Resources Responsibly

Published 11-30-23

Submitted by Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Aerial view of the River Shannon and town.
As a neighbor to The River Shannon, the longest river in Ireland and the British Isles, Jazz participates in protection efforts in the surrounding area. 

Originally Published in Jazz Pharmaceuticals' 2022 Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact Report

Management Approach 

We seek to operate our business in an environmentally responsible way and are committed to meeting evolving regulatory standards and taking steps to reduce our environmental impact, using sustainable practices wherever feasible.

Our use of natural resources, including energy and water, is of material importance to our business. We continue to make incremental improvements to our environmental footprint on a site-by-site basis. In addition to having environmental management systems across our manufacturing operations sites, we continue to identify opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint in relation to greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, water use and waste generation and disposal.

While we have made progress in this area, we recognize our responsibility to act to quickly reduce our emissions and use of natural resources. Alongside our Environmental Management Systems, we are committed to improving our data collection frameworks and reporting across our CSSI strategy, including environmental performance. Establishing robust datasets and frameworks will allow us to set targets to hold ourselves accountable and ensure we are improving our environmental performance over time.

Environmental Management Systems 

Our global sustainability practices guide resource management throughout our operations and are enacted at the site level through individual environmental management system (EMS) programs. Our harmonized EMS programs support Jazz’s efforts to enhance our environmental performance and assist us in achieving environmental sustainability objectives through continuous monitoring of our energy use, waste generation, water use, water discharges and emissions. This proactive EMS approach also helps reduce the risk of non-compliance and improves health and safety practices for employees and the public.

Our Villa Guardia site maintains an EMS certified to the ISO 14001:2015 standard and Eco-Management and Audit Scheme Regulation.

Jazz maintains environmental policies across our manufacturing and development operations to comply with applicable laws, directives and regulations on environmental protection and sustainability.

Climate & Energy 

We recognize our responsibility to minimize our contribution to climate change by reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with our business activities. While we are focused on delivering life-changing solutions for our patients, we must also play a role in addressing climate change by minimizing our impact on the planet. To this end, we are developing a comprehensive approach to tracking and reducing our GHG emissions. This begins with measuring our Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions, a process that we started in 2022. We are beginning a journey to set emissions reduction targets and track our improvement over time.

While we have been implementing initiatives across our facilities to minimize our energy use, and corresponding GHG emissions, we are now formalizing our climate strategy by calculating our baseline emissions figures. We will establish a strategy to reduce emissions over the course of 2023 and will publicly disclose our progress once our ambition is set.

Water Use and Management 

Water is a finite and vital resource for our planet and the communities where we operate. We recognize the importance of responsible water management within our business activities and are committed to reducing water consumption across our operations by implementing efficient water management practices.

In 2022, both our Athlone and Villa Guardia manufacturing and development sites purchased and consumed renewable electricity.

  • Athlone: 100% Renewable Electricity
  • Villa Guardia: 52% Renewable Electricity

Our Athlone, Kent Science Park, and Villa Guardia manufacturing sites have implemented energy efficiency and conservation measures, including LED light conversions and energy efficient chiller replacements, as well as installations of electric vehicle charging stations.

Waste Management and Disposal 

We continuously strive to reduce consumption of materials and minimize quantities of waste generated by our facilities. Wherever possible, we separate and recycle waste and dispose of any toxic, hazardous and biological materials according to regulatory requirements.

Read more about Jazz Pharmaceuticals' commitment to our planet in its 2022 Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact Report.

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