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(Mountain) Lions, Jaguars, and Bears…Oh My!

(Mountain) Lions, Jaguars, and Bears…Oh My!

Published 11-22-23

Submitted by FedEx Corporation

On World Animal Day, we are honored to recognize organizations such as the Oakland Zoo for their commitment to the well-being of all animals.

FedEx and the Oakland Zoo have collaborated on multiple projects for over ten years. From transporting animals through in-kind shipping to providing support for the Zoo to Community (ZTC) program, FedEx is proud to support the Oakland Zoo’s conservation and education efforts.

STEM education for local students

The Oakland Zoo created its Zoo to Community (ZTC) initiative in 2006 to serve Title 1 schools primarily in Alameda County, CA. The ZTC program aims to close the learning gap for students by providing relevant, interactive, inquiry-based science and environmental learning programs for pre-K through high school. Students learn about the status of California’s wildlife and the conservation challenges they face, and how the Zoo is supporting efforts in the field to help these animals and their habitats.

As part of the field trip and wildlife assembly program, ZTC waives service fees and provides free bus transportation on the “Zoo Bus” to students who would otherwise not have the ability to visit the Oakland Zoo.

Children getting out of a school buss

Transporting precious cargo

The Oakland Zoo is a nationally recognized leader in animal welfare, rescue, and conservation and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The Zoo is a member of the Bay Area Cougar Action Team (BACAT) in partnership with the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. Through this program the Zoo rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes mountain lions rescued from wildfire and human-wildlife conflict.

In cases where animals need to be moved to or from the zoo, FedEx is honored to use its global network and logistical expertise to help transport this precious cargo. From bears to jaguars, FedEx is happy to help the Oakland Zoo.

Highlights from animals transported via FedEx:

In 2018, Oakland Zoo and FedEx teamed up to transport four orphaned male brown bear cubs (two grizzly & two brown bear pairs) from Alaska to Oakland. Since the cubs could not be released back into the wild, the Oakland Zoo built them a 2.5-acre natural habitat in the California Trail expansion. It is equipped with a pool, a waterfall, several dens, and trees for climbing.

Bear walking

The 2020 California wildfire season left many animals injured and/or orphaned, including a young mountain lion cub now known as Captain Cal. While Captain Cal was recovering from his injuries, the Oakland Zoo took in two more mountain lion cubs who also needed medical care and introduced them to Captain Cal. The three thrived in each other’s company making the recovery process easier for all. Once the cubs recovered, FedEx stepped in to transport the cubs to their new fur-ever home at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio.

The latest collaboration by Oakland Zoo and FedEx is the recent move of Emma the jaguar from the Miami Zoo to provide a companion for the Oakland Zoo’s male jaguar, Lucha. Love is in the air for these two and hopes are for jaguar cubs soon. Emma’s move to the Oakland Zoo, courtesy of FedEx, is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums “Species Survival Plan,” developed by AZA to help ensure the sustainability of a healthy, genetically diverse, and demographically varied AZA population.

***photo credit for two grizzlies Steven Gotz and Oakland Zoo for the rest of the images

Mountain lion cubs


Leopard stood on rocks


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