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DP World and McLaren Racing Pioneer Sustainable Logistics in Moving F1 Race Equipment

DP World Continues to Reimagine McLaren’s Supply Chain with a More Sustainable Route from Austin to Las Vegas

DP World and McLaren Racing Pioneer Sustainable Logistics in Moving F1 Race Equipment

DP World Continues to Reimagine McLaren’s Supply Chain with a More Sustainable Route from Austin to Las Vegas

Published 11-21-23

Submitted by DP World

Sustainability met speed last week through our latest collaboration with McLaren Racing. 

As the 2023 Official Partner of the McLaren Formula 1 Team, our challenge was to transport the entirety of McLaren Racing's garage and hospitality units from the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas, to the inaugural Formula 1 race in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Specializing in comprehensive global supply chain solutions, we're known for simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of complex logistics networks. Throughout the 2023 race season, we have been supporting McLaren F1 to drive enhanced efficiency throughout the team’s supply chain to make it faster, smarter, and more sustainable. 

This task, however, presented an unprecedented challenge: achieving not just efficiency but sustainability in transporting McLaren’s equipment. Our solution? A multimodal transport strategy that integrated electric and bio-fueled trucks with diesel-electric rail systems to move 1,500 tons of equipment over more than 120,000 km. This operation marked the inaugural use of such electric trucks in F1 logistics. 

Electric trucks offer a greener alternative, with zero tailpipe emissions and 47% lower lifecycle carbon emissions compared to diesel trucks. Additionally, using biofuel instead of traditional diesel can cut carbon emissions by 75%.

The logistical process kicked off immediately following the Austin Grand Prix on October 22, 2023. Utilizing a carefully planned route that emphasized environmental responsibility McLaren’s hospitality and garage equipment commenced its journey to the next stop in North America’s F1 race calendar. The journey began with the transportation of McLaren's equipment in bio-fueled trucks from Austin to a warehouse in Houston before continuing on to the Houston railway terminal.

Once at the terminal, the gear was loaded onto diesel-electric trains for a cross-country journey through four states, culminating at a Los Angeles warehouse. The final stages involved bio-fueled truck transport to a Las Vegas warehouse, followed by electric trucks delivering the equipment to the Las Vegas Paddock. This extensive journey spanned over two weeks, ensuring the equipment's timely, pristine arrival 10 days before the race.

This meticulous and eco-conscious approach ensured flawless, timely delivery to the track, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Our partnership with McLaren Racing transcends mere logistics; it's about harnessing every opportunity to promote sustainable transportation. This initiative demonstrates that efficiency and environmental responsibility can coexist, even in the high-octane realm of Formula 1.

Watch the video here

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