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Lights, Camera, Metrics: 3BL’s 2023 Wrap-Up of Trends and Impact

Lights, Camera, Metrics: 3BL’s 2023 Wrap-Up of Trends and Impact

Published 11-21-23

Submitted by 3BL

As the final scene of 2023 unfolds, 3BL is rolling out the red carpet for a close-up of our year-end wrap-up.

Throughout the year, 3BL spotlights sustainability and social impact news from brands that are making a difference – from thought-provoking stories on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to heartwarming tales of philanthropy to the intricacies of responsible business practices, and much more. As these stories resonate with diverse audiences across the globe, they are also sparking meaningful change.

We invite you to take a front-row seat as we review our 2023 content trends: 

Audience Trends: Discover which type of content resonated the most with audiences throughout the year. We also uncover insights into what format (articles, blogs, multimedia, newsletters, and press releases) sparked the most engagement and interest.

Category Insights: Get an inside look at the categories that stole the limelight. We showcase the topics that were most shared and generated the most reader interest.

3BL’s Top Picks: Take a look at what our team chose as our top 23 favorite impact stories of 2023.

Check out our 2023 Wrap-Up now.

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3BL has revolutionized how brands share their corporate sustainability and social impact progress.

By leveraging our proprietary technology and expansive distribution network, you can easily access disparate and hard-to-reach stakeholders. And, with our best in class analytics suite, you can measure the impact of your ESG initiatives and build a positive reputation that lasts.

Our Brand Studio combines the editorial expertise of TriplePundit's sustainability communicators and the reach of 3BL’s unrivaled distribution network, so you can find new ways to tell your stories better and share them more widely across your target audiences.

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