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Rayonier 2022 Sustainability Report: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Rayonier 2022 Sustainability Report: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Published 11-10-23

Submitted by Rayonier

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Rayonier embraces DEI because it leads to a more enriching work experience for everyone, a higher functioning team, and a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

At Rayonier, we embrace and encourage individuality, where employees with different backgrounds, experiences, and behavioral styles feel included and comfortable sharing their perspectives and ideas. We believe that bringing diverse perspectives together leads to better decision-making and that the confluence of diverse experiences stimulates innovation.

Gender and ethnic diversity have historically been a challenge for the forestry sector, which has motivated us to proactively engage in ways that we hope expand diversity throughout the industry over time. To promote greater diversity in the forestry sector, we focus on creating greater forestry career awareness through a range of initiatives, including providing scholarships, awards and internships, using social media storytelling, increasing broad community engagement, engaging with underrepresented groups and organizations, participating in teaching opportunities at middle and high schools, and sponsoring job fairs and educational events at minority-serving institutions.

We believe that diversity goes hand-in-hand with an inclusive workforce culture—one that fosters a sense of belonging, where employees feel valued, heard, and comfortable sharing their ideas and perspectives. We remain committed to cultivating and promoting our inclusive culture and also remain committed to creating an equitable work environment by “leveling the playing field” and providing each employee with the necessary training, tools, and opportunities to thrive and succeed.

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Implementation and oversight of our DEI initiatives are led by our Senior Leadership Team, along with our Board. Our DEI task force, along with our DEI Director, help guide policy objectives and promote DEI initiatives within the company. This task force consists of a diverse group of Rayonier employees and senior leaders, including our President & Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President & Chief Resource Officer, and Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Information Technology. With input from all employees and the support of an external DEI consultant, this team has identified opportunities to further enhance inclusion and equity at the company, as well as initiatives to help increase diversity within Rayonier and the broader forestry sector.

We are committed to promoting diversity not only among our employees but also within our Board of Directors. Our board members bring a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, and we are especially proud that 44% of our non-employee Board members come from underrepresented ethnic and gender-diverse groups.

Rayonier is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workforce because we recognize the vital role it plays in creating a fulfilling and rewarding employee experience. 

Employees were provided 9 DEI trainings in 2022.

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