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McFlurry® Spindles in the U.S. Are Getting a More Sustainable Makeover

McFlurry® Spindles in the U.S. Are Getting a More Sustainable Makeover

Published 11-08-23

Submitted by McDonald's Corporation

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McDonald’s McFlurry® spoon: It’s hard to think of a utensil that’s been the focus of more intense debate over the years. Why is the handle hollow? Is it a spoon, a straw, or both?

True McFlurry fans know the spoon doubles as a spindle, which restaurant crew use to mix the perfect amount of sweet toppings into our creamy soft serve. And starting this month, it’s about to get a sustainable glow-up in the U.S.

Restaurants across the country are transitioning to a reusable spindle that’s swapped out and cleaned after each McFlurry is made. Once the mixing magic is complete, your McFlurry will be served with a smaller black spoon that uses less plastic (the same one that comes with our Sundaes).

This small change will help reduce single-use plastic waste in restaurants – while giving customers the same delicious McFlurry they know and love. That’s a win-win in our book.

It's just one example of how McDonald's is redesigning some of our most iconic products to eliminate unnecessary waste and transition to more sustainable materials. You can learn more about our commitments and progress on more sustainable packaging here.

So while you may not see our famous spindle-spoon in your McFlurry anymore, know that it's still working hard for you (and the planet!) behind the counter.

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