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Child Health Day: Giving Children the Chance To Grow Up Healthy, Happy, and With the Promise of a Bright Future

Child Health Day: Giving Children the Chance To Grow Up Healthy, Happy, and With the Promise of a Bright Future

Published 10-25-23

Submitted by MAXIMUS

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Noland, a sweet 7-year-old who loves RC cars and benefits from the Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance Family Navigator Program

Child Health Day, celebrated annually on the first Monday in October, is a vital reminder of the unique healthcare needs of children and the importance of ensuring that they grow up healthy, happy, and with the promise of a bright future.

Today, communities, healthcare professionals, and parents come together to emphasize the critical role of nutrition, immunization, and regular check-ups in maintaining children's health. It's also an opportunity to advocate for policies that promote access to quality healthcare, safe environments, and supportive educational opportunities for all children.

Child Health Day has extra significance to the team at Maximus, who bring a daily dedication to ensuring critical access to healthcare for millions of children across the U.S. through our work and philanthropy.

Through our work with the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) program, since its inception 26 years ago and up to the 15 states we support today, we have been helping bring healthcare, along with the financial security and peace of mind that comes with it, to children and their families across the country.

This dedication extends to the Maximus Foundation and our support of the many partners who share this commitment. On Child Health Day, we’re honored to highlight several Maximus Foundation grantee partners working to keep children healthy, growing, and thriving nationwide.

  • ChildSavers – ChildSavers is a Richmond, Virginia-based organization that addresses children’s mental health to help them recover from trauma. Their mission is to guide our community’s children through life’s critical moments with trauma-informed mental health and child development services. In 2022, ChildSavers served over 790 children in over 12,000 therapy sessions with 71% meeting their treatment objectives.
  • DePelchin Children's Center – Based in Houston, Texas the mission of DePelchin Children’s Center is to strengthen the lives of children by enhancing their mental and physical well-being. DePelchin provides comprehensive services focused on ensuring all children are part of safe, caring homes with evidence-based practices and strategies to prevent maltreatment, preserve healthy families, and bring healing to children who have experienced trauma.
  • Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance – Keaton’s supports thousands of Northern California children with cancer and their families with emotional, educational, and financial support while increasing awareness and funding research toward a cure. Their Family Navigator Program provides critical family-centered supportive services to children diagnosed with cancer, working alongside the entire family from the point of initial diagnosis through the child’s entire cancer journey.
  • Parsons Child and Family Center (Northern Rivers Family of Services) – With a 190-year heritage and 1,400-strong workforce, Parsons Child and Family Center provides life-changing care for more than 18,000 children, adults, and families across New York State. Through person-centered, trauma-informed innovative solutions, they help those who struggle with abuse, neglect, trauma, mental health challenges, and educational difficulties live their best lives.
  • StandUp for Kids – StandUp for Kids is dedicated to ending the cycle of youth homelessness in local communities in Georgia. Through caring for homeless and at-risk youth by transitioning them from crisis to connection, they give these youth a sense of safety, hope, and belonging through housing support, mentoring, drop-in centers, and street outreach.
  • United Action for Youth (UAY) – Established in 1970, UAY ensures there are safe spaces for youth in Johnson County, Iowa, and surrounding areas. Last year, UAT served 2,701 individuals including 2,427 children and 163 parents with services that address mental health, young parent, and homeless youth. The mission of UAY is to make sure youth have a place to create, grow, and succeed.

On Child Health Day, we proudly recognize the important work of these organizations that focus on children's long-term health and wellbeing. Learn more about the many Maximus Foundation grantee partners supporting local communities at

Child with an electric guitar
United Action for Youth (UAY) offers students access to free instrument lessons for all youth to create grow, and succeed.

Giving back to the communities we serve

The Maximus Foundation is one of the ways Maximus employees are doing something greater together. Established by the Maximus Board of Directors in 2000, the Maximus Foundation is an independent, employee-led, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Employee donors pool their contributions together through the Foundation, increasing their community impact by supporting nonprofits that serve the same communities we do. Employee donors double their impact through Maximus’ dollar-for-dollar matching pledge and make their voices heard by nominating and voting for future grantee partners. Learn more at

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