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Kohler Takes Action on Global Handwashing Day

Kohler Takes Action on Global Handwashing Day

Published 10-25-23

Submitted by Kohler

girls in traditional dress washing their hands

This Global Handwashing Day Kohler Co, is reflecting on the unimaginable reality that 2.3 billion people worldwide lack access to basic handwashing facilities.

We believe this is unacceptable, and we’re taking action to CHANGE it.

With incredible partners like Water Mission and World Vision, we’re bringing KOHLER Cleanse (our no-plumbing, no-electricity handwashing solution) and hand-hygiene education to places like Reynosa, Mexico; Padre Cocha, Peru; LiJiaPing Village, China; and El Carrizal, Honduras to ensure clean hands are within reach.

Thanks to our remarkable water and sanitation experts who are working diligently and innovating boldly so we can work to make safe water for all a reality.

Handwashing...a given for many of us, yet inaccessible to 2.3 billion people worldwide who lack access to basic handwashing facilities.

We must take ACTION. At Kohler Co. we’re driven to innovate for the greater good and on a mission to end this unimaginable reality. 

I recently had the honor of witnessing the impact of Kohler Cleanse, our #InnovationForGood handwashing solution that requires no-plumbing and no-electricity, in this community in Lan Ba Village, Li Ping China. In partnership with World Vision China, our Kohler associates initiated health and hygiene solutions for this community starting back in 2019, marked by the creation a clean drinking water system. 

On this #GlobalHandwashingDay, I’m so grateful for the lives we’re able to impact across the world of Kohler . . . and inspired to keep pushing for even more #progress.

Here’s to #SafeWaterForAll!

- Laura Kohler, Chief Sustainability & DEI Officer at Kohler

Learn more about Global Handwashing Day and Kohler Co here.

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