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Oceans and Climate: Investable Solutions

Oceans and Climate: Investable Solutions

Published 10-23-23

Submitted by GreenMoney Journal

2022 Ocean Exchange Winners with Solutions for CO2 and Fisheries Protection: Ocean/Climate Nexus. L-to-R, André Mão de Ferro of C2C-NewCap, Diana Orembe of NovFeed and Jon Asin of BeePlanet Factory

by Millicent Pitts and Alex Akkaoui, Ocean Exchange

Oceans have continuously regulated our climate in ways beyond our control, from absorbing and storing large amounts of heat that impact weather patterns and water circulation to mitigating dynamic aspects of climate change through various channels. This intersects and impacts our ocean’s ecosystem.

Ocean Exchange, a non-profit organization that accelerates innovation for the blue economy, has continuously supported startups that have direct interests and impacts on our ocean’s ecosystem. Ocean Exchange provides support by re-distributing corporate and family philanthropy to vetted startups via a competitive process. Additionally, Ocean Exchange provides help with network introductions to partners and investors who can help advance the adoption of innovative ocean/climate solutions. Examples of startups that were part of the Ocean Exchange competition include Water Warriors, Ebb Carbon, Ocean Rescue Alliance International (ORAI), Element Resources, Twelve, Coral Vita, and 340 others over its 12-year history. The startups have dedicated themselves to mitigating the impacts of climate change in our oceans by harnessing their solutions directed toward unique focuses. CO2 sequestration, coastal resiliency, emissions reduction, and water management are four of these focuses that have been shown to have a strong connection to oceans and climate.

These approaches are essential in addressing ocean-related climate challenges because they collectively reduce carbon emissions, enhance coastal resilience against sea-level rise, and ensure access to clean freshwater resources. Not only are they imperative for mitigating the impacts of climate change in marine ecosystems and coastal communities, but they also help preserve the delicate equilibrium by addressing the associated challenges. When it comes to oceans and climate, some of the major challenges we are faced with include sea-level rise, extreme weather events, disruption of both human and marine ecosystems, ocean acidification, and more. We will now delve deeper into each of the ocean-climate intersections through the lens of innovative startup companies.

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