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Join Us in Making a Sustainable Impact!

Join Us in Making a Sustainable Impact!

Published 10-16-23

Submitted by M·A·C Cosmetics

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Are you familiar with our Back-to-M·A·C program? It's more than just returning your empties; it's a commitment to a greener future. 

Did you know that most of our packaging can't be recycled if tossed in your home's bin? Here's why:

  • Size Matters: Our packaging is often small, increasing the likelihood of it becoming lost during the recycling process.
  • Complex Materials: Many of our packaging consist of mixed materials that require intricate and costly separation.
  • Residue: Makeup containers frequently hold product residue, which complicates recycling.

That's why, 33 years ago, we introduced Back-to-M·A·C! It's a reliable way to divert our packaging from landfills, giving it a second life as new packaging or converting it into energy. 

At M·A·C Cosmetics, we understand the urgency of protecting our planet. So, we made a tough but essential decision: we've shifted away from rewarding our consumers with a free lipstick when they return six empties. Why? Because we want to do more and create opportunities to support partners making strides in sustainability. 

This year, we proudly unveiled our partnership with Plastics For Change, a trusted source of fair trade-verified recycled plastic. With this collaboration, Plastics for Change is set to collect over 550,000 pounds of plastic—equivalent to a staggering 12,500,000 plastic bottles—from the shores of India. And it doesn't stop there! We're also providing support to approximately 200 plastic collectors and their communities with a range of social services for an entire year. 

As Plastics For Change Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer Shifrah Jacobs said, "We're delighted that M·A·C Cosmetics, a major influencer in the beauty industry, fully comprehends the significance of plastic recycling. It's not just about investing in innovative technology; it's also about investing in the inclusive development of the individuals behind the plastic collection, who are a vital part of the ecosystem. We're excited about the transformative impact this partnership can have on empowering grassroots communities." 

Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future by visiting here to learn more. And through our M·A·C Lovers program, we'll continue to reward everyone for their unwavering loyalty!

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