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2022 .gay Impact Report | Year 3

2022 .gay Impact Report | Year 3

Published 10-06-23

Submitted by GoDaddy

Group of people with a rainbow flag in the background.

As originally published in the 2022 .gay Impact Report

“As the first link in bio platform for queer creators, we needed a top-level domain that shared our vision of a better internet for LGBTQ+ folks. With a .gay domain, our users are free to be their authentic selves and share their pride with the gayest link in bio. Thank you .gay!”

- Tyron,

.gay is the domain of choice for those who want to wave their virtual pride flag. It brings together national organizations, local community centers, healthcare systems, travel agencies, activists, businesses and others who are allied with LGBTQIA+ communities. It’s a badge of honor that sets sites apart and clearly signals to LGBTQIA+ audiences and their allies that everyone is welcome. This third annual Impact Report highlights .gay’s community impact and giving through 2022.

A Vibrant, Diverse and Supportive Space 

The .gay domain extension stands for LGBTQIA+ visibility and allyship. Its unique policies mean .gay creates an inclusive space which embraces all identities, experiences and perspectives. Whether identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, or anything in between, know that all are welcome and celebrated at .gay.

Young couple holding a rainbow flag in front of the US flag.

Strengthening Inclusivity in Brands and Companies 

In a world where corporate social responsibility is increasingly important, a .gay domain strengthens LGBTQIA+ inclusivity for brands and companies. With a .gay domain, businesses can signal their support for LGBTQIA+ communities year-round, not just during Pride.

A Fantastic Network of LGBTQIA+ Partners and Allies 

The .gay community is an ever-growing network of LGBTQIA+ leaders and allies – from high-profile brands like,, and www., to outspoken celebrities and creators like (George Takei),,, and (Addison Rose Vincent), and new technology companies like

View and download the full 2022 .gay Impact Report here.

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About .gay 
The .gay domain extension provides a distinctive digital space devoted to connecting and celebrating members of LGBTQIA+ communities and their allies. For individuals, organizations, businesses and brands, .gay serves as a virtual Pride flag and inclusive badge of honor. For every new domain registered, .gay donates 20% of registration revenue to LGBTQIA+ nonprofit groups to help address key issues facing these communities.

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