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Supercharge Your ESG Content With This Cosmic Guidance

Supercharge Your ESG Content With This Cosmic Guidance

Published 10-02-23

Submitted by 3BL

"Libra Edition, Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos"

Throughout last month’s Climate Week, an undeniable sense of urgency surrounding the climate crisis permeated the air. Yet, a lingering question persists: are we truly moving the needle, or are we stuck in a cycle of empty corporate statements and a flood of reports and guidelines?

The latest edition of our “Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos” answers just that and explores how companies can communicate progress credibly. Just as Libra season is a time to seek harmony and balance, now is a time for businesses to self-reflect on their sustainability and social impact initiatives, and communication.

In this edition, we will uncover:

  • What stakeholders want to see in your organization’s ESG communication.
  • Data from the 3BL platform on what content audiences are reading the most.
  • Insights on recent ESG communication trends and how to maximize the impact of your content.
  • And, how Libra’s harmonious nature is driving a push for meaningful and measurable progress from business.

Uncover the key to amplifying your ESG communication this Libra season now. 

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3BL has revolutionized how brands share their corporate sustainability and social impact progress.

By leveraging our proprietary technology and expansive distribution network, you can easily access disparate and hard-to-reach stakeholders. And, with our best in class analytics suite, you can measure the impact of your ESG initiatives and build a positive reputation that lasts.

Our Brand Studio combines the editorial expertise of TriplePundit's sustainability communicators and the reach of 3BL’s unrivaled distribution network, so you can find new ways to tell your stories better and share them more widely across your target audiences.

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