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Pioneering Sustainable Progress: Driving the Circular Economy in the Dominican Republic

DP World and Cemex’s Regenera Work to Transform Waste Tires into Eco-Friendly Fuel Alternatives

Pioneering Sustainable Progress: Driving the Circular Economy in the Dominican Republic

DP World and Cemex’s Regenera Work to Transform Waste Tires into Eco-Friendly Fuel Alternatives

Published 09-22-23

Submitted by DP World

In an age where environmental responsibility is not just a preference but a necessity, industry leaders are constantly looking for new ways to transition from linear into more circular operations. This transition underscores the importance of not only ensuring efficient production, but also the conscientious disposal and reuse of waste materials.

DP World, a leading provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions, offers an example of how a global company is actively implementing strategies that reflect circular economic principles. Unlike the traditional linear model, where products are created, used, and then disposed of, the circular model focuses on creating systems where resources are reused, repurposed, and recycled continuously, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

This is particularly important in developing nations like the Dominican Republic, where DP World runs an extensive port facility on the Punta Caucedo peninsula.

In general, developing nations can face challenges in securing consistent and affordable access to raw materials, so implementing circular principles can help maximize the use of available resources. These nations are also, unfortunately, at higher risk from the adverse effects of environmental degradation, which can be mitigated by aggressive reuse and recycling.

DP World has significantly expanded its footprint in the Dominican Republic since initiating operations in 2003. The country’s prime geographical position makes it a key gateway for cargo redistribution throughout the U.S., Caribbean, and Central and South America. Today, DP World’s operations help make the Port of Caucedo a premier freight and logistics hub for global markets.

As a result, DP World is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and waste throughout the country. The company recently inked a deal with Cemex’s circular waste management business, Regenera, to enhance sustainable waste management in the Dominican Republic. Under the terms of the agreement, Regenera will transform waste tires from DP World’s operations into an environmentally friendly fossil fuel alternative that they will use to power their cement kilns.

Most people are unaware that tires have a high biomass content, making them an important resource in the production of alternative fuels. But when left in landfills, they release methane emissions, making them environmental hazards. Preventing the tires from hitting the landfill preempts the release of these harmful emissions, while turning them into alternative fuels helps reduce energy consumption and emissions – it’s a win-win.

As global industries continue to pivot towards sustainable models, pioneering partnerships like that of DP World and Regenera are lighting the way. Together, they're not only redefining the future of waste management, they are providing a blueprint for a greener, more responsible global economy.

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