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Why Social Responsibility Is Your Business’s Secret Weapon


Why Social Responsibility Is Your Business’s Secret Weapon


Published 09-08-23

Submitted by SAP

Hey folks, in today's episode of the Climate Confident podcast I dive into the world of corporate social responsibility with Gitte Winther Bruhn, the Global Head of Social Responsibility Solutions at SAP.

We talk about SAP's ground-breaking projects, such as "Advance Shared Prosperity," aimed at tackling complex issues in global supply chains. If you're a business leader, this episode is a must-listen as it highlights the competitive advantage that comes from embracing social responsibility. Plus, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development is backing SAP, so you know this is the real deal!

Ever wondered how technology can help ensure your suppliers uphold human rights? Or how to make your supply chain not just efficient but also equitable? Gitte has fascinating insights into all this and more, from self-assessment credentials for suppliers to implementing workplace safety measures in large industrial settings.

We also touch upon the legal landscape, with new regulations putting the heat on corporations. But don't worry—Gitte breaks down how to not only comply but also thrive in this changing environment. She's adamant that taking action now will put your business on the right side of history and law, and she offers actionable steps to get there.

We even dive into a few success stories, like WEConnect International, who are creating equitable supply chains connecting large buyers with women-owned small businesses. This isn't just feel-good chatter; it's about pragmatic solutions for the pressing challenges businesses face today.

Gitte shared some recommendations for further reading during our conversation:

Join us in this riveting conversation, as we explore how businesses can, and should, be a force for good. 

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