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Nasdaq ESG Solutions: Supporting Our Clients

Nasdaq ESG Solutions: Supporting Our Clients

Published 08-04-23

Submitted by Nasdaq

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As stakeholder expectations evolve, many companies recognize that a good sustainability strategy means good business, whether for employees, clients, suppliers, investors, regulators or other parties. Our product strategy appreciates the diversity of needs and leverages our unique position at the intersection of investors, corporates and regulators to drive long-term value to our clients and the entire ecosystem.

We have a deep appreciation for the challenges and opportunities that corporates face in navigating the rapidly evolving demands of the capital markets and their engagement with investors, as well as increasing demand for them to develop, disclose and engage across a broadening set of ESG-focused strategies and performance metrics.

Our role is to help our clients understand these developments as well as advocate on their behalf, provide insights to both strengthen their programs and strategies as well as enhance their disclosures and communications back to their investors and the wider markets. We seek to reduce the complexity and friction our clients experience through demand-driven, market-based solutions that are pragmatic in nature.

Nelson Griggs 
President, Nasdaq

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Nasdaq is on a mission to fuel inclusive growth and prosperity through technological innovation and expert insights. We develop and deliver purpose-built ESG and climate solutions for hundreds of businesses globally, empowering them to collect, measure, disclose and communicate audit-grade environmental, social, and governance data.

We support our clients to meet stakeholder demands and regulatory compliance, improve efficiency, attract investors & reduce cost of capital, all while driving towards a more sustainable world.

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