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Edison International 2022 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report: Leadership Message

Edison International 2022 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report: Leadership Message

Published 07-28-23

Submitted by Edison International

Pedro J. Pizarro,   President & Chief Executive Officer,  Edison International  Steve Powell,   President & Chief Executive Officer, SCE  Natalie K. Schilling,   Senior Vice President and Chief Human  Resources Officer, Edison International and SCE

To transform the electric power industry toward a clean energy future, we’re unlocking the power of our people — developing the best and most diverse talent and providing them with an equitable, healthy workplace that enables everyone to thrive.

At Edison International, we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are foundational for our success. We understand that our ability to safely deliver reliable, affordable and clean energy to our customers depends on a healthy culture in which everyone can do their best work because they are valued for their perspectives and unique differences. Building on momentum from commitments and progress in recent years, we continue to measure impact and refine key programs to further integrate DEI within our company culture and business objectives — recognizing this requires investment and commitment at all levels.

Among our progress and achievements, we:

  • Developed DEI Action Plans for each Edison International and SCE Organizational Unit (OU) to increase accountability for DEI in all areas of the company and to align and integrate DEI into all OU business goals
  • Expanded our Talent Development Accelerator program to include a more diverse group of employees
  • Advanced diversity in our talent pipeline through our Lineworker Scholarship program and expanded the program to attract a more diverse talent pool

As outlined in Pathway 2045, SCE’s blueprint to helping California achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, decarbonizing the electric sector will provide a remarkable transformation for the environment, the economy and people. However, this clean energy transition will be successful only if we make it equitable for everyone. We believe this transition can create a future with socioeconomic benefits for all, and we are working to ensure that such a transition is just and inclusive. Edison International’s efforts include philanthropy, volunteering, board service, scholarship programs and community partnerships.

We continue to support organizations and initiatives that share our dedication to expanding educational and vocational opportunities and driving growth in economically disadvantaged communities. For example, we partner with GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit that makes renewable energy technology and job training accessible to underrepresented communities. Our recent grants of $225,000 will support clean energy projects throughout SCE’s service area including the Central Valley, Greater Los Angeles and Inland Empire and provide hands-on solar installation experience for local workers.

We are proud to share Edison International’s achievements and progress in this 2022 DEI Report — a true demonstration of the power of our people, coming together to drive real change and deliver meaningful results.

Pedro J. Pizarro
President & Chief Executive Officer, Edison International 
Steve Powell
President & Chief Executive Officer, SCE 
Natalie K. Schilling
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Edison International and SCE

View the full Edison International 2022 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report.

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