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Explore the Rayonier Seedling Nursery

Explore the Rayonier Seedling Nursery

Published 07-10-23

Submitted by Rayonier

Rayonier grows more than 30 million seedlings every year in the rich soils of our Elberta, Alabama, tree nursery. The Rayonier Seedlings team produces seedlings designed to thrive in our forests across the U.S South. A healthy seedling should have robust roots, plentiful foliage and a large caliper, which is the diameter of the young trees' woody stems. We strive to replant our forests within a year of harvesting mature trees.

For more than 60 years, Rayonier has produced its own seedlings to ensure the sustainability of our forests for generations to come.

  • 1930s: Rayonier plants its first stand of trees in Nassau County, Florida. From now on, our approach to forestry will be as much about planting as it is about cutting. The nursery will later move to Glennville, Georgia, and then to Elberta, Alabama.
  • 1955: We open Morgan Nursery, our first seedling nursery, in Nassau County, Florida. Nextdoor to the nursery, we set out to improve our trees' growth and disease resistance, establishing one of the first seed orchards in the U.S. South.
  • 1957: Our East Coast Genetic Resource Center is established, a pioneer in tree improvement research and breeding techniques. This program continues to be a key component in Rayonier's forest management program today.
  • 2009: We plant our billionth tree. We continue to plant more than 30 million trees every year.

We invite you to visit to take a video tour of the Rayonier seedling nursery as we go from planting the seeds to shipping fullgrown seedlings to our forests.

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Rayonier (NYSE:RYN) is a leading timberland real estate investment trust with assets located in some of the most productive softwood timber growing regions in the United States and New Zealand. We own or lease under long-term agreements approximately 2.8 million acres of timberlands located in the U.S. South, U.S. Pacific Northwest and New Zealand. We are More than trees because we recognize that our 90+ years of success in the timberland industry comes from our people, an empowering culture and the courage to constantly challenge “the way it’s always been done.” Get to know us at

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