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AMD Helps Advance Energy Efficiency and Climate Research With LUMI

together we advance_sustainable computing

AMD Helps Advance Energy Efficiency and Climate Research With LUMI

together we advance_sustainable computing

Published 06-30-23

Submitted by AMD

One of the most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world (number 7 on the Green500 List – June 2023)1 is powered by AMD technology and is being used to advance climate research. The award-winning LUMI supercomputer in Finland is setting the example for world-class environmental sustainability, winning the Best Sustainability Innovation in HPC award at the 2021 HPC Wire Readers’ and Editors’ choice awards. Powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs and AMD MI250 Instinct™ GPUs, it uses 100 percent renewable energy, with up to 200 megawatts available. Free cooling is possible year-round, and LUMI’s waste heat produces approximately 20 percent of the district heat for the area, reducing the city’s carbon emissions by an estimated 12,400 metric tons per year.1

In addition to LUMI’s environmental operating benefits, it is being put to work on some of the world’s most urgent climate-related problems. As part of the European Green Deal and European Digital Strategy, the supercomputer is being used in the Destination Earth project (DestinE), which is funded by the EU’s Digital Europe Programme. The project focuses on climate modeling: the aim is to create a detailed model of Earth – a digital twin of our planet – that can be used to understand climate change and its impacts, including extreme weather phenomena such as floods and hurricanes. With LUMI, researchers can link the climate model to other models to understand the complex interplay between environmental processes and systems.

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