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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Interview With Vive Organic

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Interview With Vive Organic

Published 06-07-23

Submitted by Whole Foods Market Foundation

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Interview with Vive Organic

Wyatt Taubman is the Co-Founder of Vive Organic, the first donor to Whole Planet Foundation via the Whole Foods Market Donor Advised Fund in December 2022. Through its network of microfinance partners, Whole Planet Foundation provides microcredit loans to impoverished entrepreneurs in 82 countries, including the United States. The average first loan size of $183 helps to create income-generating opportunities for these individuals and their families. With a contribution of $150,000, Vive Organic's contribution will enable an additional 4,000 aspiring entrepreneurs to receive support from Whole Planet Foundation. Here’s why empowering entrepreneurs through business is important to Wyatt Taubman and the Vive Organic team.

Q: What is Vive Organic?

Vive Organic is a line of fresh pressed wellness shots that deliver powerful superfoods like ginger and turmeric in a fresh, convenient, and highly concentrated way to support daily immunity. We were founded on the belief that plant-based superfoods provide tremendous health benefits and we want to make these accessible to people all over the country.

Q: What was the inspiration to launch Vive Organic?

A: Growing up on Kauai, Hawaii, I used to grow ginger and turmeric in my backyard. Later in life, I met several leading holistic medicine doctors while struggling with some health issues. These doctors changed my life and they also believed in the power of plant-based superfoods. Vive Organic was born out of a desire to provide these superfoods to people in a fresh, convenient, and fun way.

Q: What are Vive Organic’s core values and how do they come to life?

A: Partnership has been core to Vive Organic from day one. My co-founders, JR Simich, Kyle Withycombe and I have always believed we could do more together. We teamed up to bring fresh-pressed immunity to the world. JR brought his background in sales, hustling to get Vive into the hands of customers (even hand-delivering shots from the back of his pickup truck!). Kyle brought his passion for responsible farming and expertise in scaling organic food startups. Together we built a team and a set of powerful partnerships to grow Vive Organic from a humble Southern California startup to a national wellness company.

Q: What’s the greatest business lesson you’ve learned from supporting non-profits like Whole Planet Foundation?

A: Working with Whole Planet Foundation has reinforced the power of partnership that was vital to the founding of Vive Organic. We believe a business can and should make a net positive impact on the planet and its people so that we can leave our planet in a better condition for future generations. Our partnership with non-profits like Whole Planet Foundation demonstrates the power of collaboration to work towards this goal.

Q: To what do you attribute your success to date and what are your dreams for the next 3-5 years?

A: There were many things that I can attribute to our success, but I’ll focus on three key factors: creating a great product, having a solid plan, and building a phenomenal team and culture. Building on the theme of powerful partnerships, last fall Vive Organic joined forces with Suja Life, the trailblazer in organic cold-pressed juice and shots, presenting a unique opportunity for the brand. My dream for the next 3-5 years is that we continue to build momentum in the market and Suja Life becomes a leading functional wellness company. We are excited to take the wellness space to new heights!

Q: Why did you join the Whole Foods Market Donor Advised Fund?

A: From the beginning days of Vive Organic, we have been passionate about building a vibrant, thriving society and planet. We’ve always loved Whole Foods Market (well before starting Vive!) so during the early days of Vive Organic one of our first goals was to get into Whole Foods Market. The ability to partner with Whole Foods Market in this larger way via the Donor Advised Fund and provide support to Whole Planet Foundation was an exciting opportunity for us, and closely aligned with our company culture and mission.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself who also want to make an impact? 

A: My best piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs would be to identify a problem in the world that you care a lot about and want to make a difference in or solve. Find an opportunity to create a business that in some way solves that problem or improves it. Doing so will be incredibly motivating for you and your team, will help you stay energized and passionate during any challenging times that may lie ahead, and will continue to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit. Secondly, I would encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to find amazing people and organizations to partner with along the way. For me, that meant starting Vive Organic with a group of friends, building a vibrant team and culture, joining the Suja Life portfolio of brands, and partnering with amazing organizations like Whole Planet Foundation. Starting with a big problem in the world and then uniting with others who share the same mission has been the most powerful way for us to make an impact on the world.

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