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Young Scientist Challenge Alumni Win Science Grants

Young Scientist Challenge Alumni Win Science Grants

Published 05-31-23

Submitted by 3M

3M Young Scientist Challenge: Congratulations to the 2023 Grant Recipients.

Originally published on 3M News Center

3M and Discovery Education have named 10 recipients of the 3M Young Scientist Challenge Alumni Network Alumni Grants Program.

The alumni network and grant program, launched in January 2023, offers previous participants of the nation’s premier middle school science competition networking opportunities, resources, events and funding for existing science projects through a total of $25,000 in grant money given to ten different alumni annually.

“It’s incredibly inspiring to see how the 3M Young Scientist Challenge alumni have continued their scientific innovations,” said John Banovetz, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Environmental Responsibility at 3M. “Congratulations to each of the recipients of the inaugural alumni grants program. 3M is proud to support these inspiring students as they apply their passion for science to make the world a better place.”

The 2023 3M Young Scientist Challenge Alumni Grants Program recipients are:

  • Braeden Benedict is a 26-year-old from Missouri and a 2011 finalist. Braeden received $1,000 for the project The Health Career Collaborative at Washington University in St. Louis that provides mentorship, engaging health curriculum and exposure to health careers to high school students from low-income, underrepresented minority communities.
  • Leanne Fan is a 15-year-old from California and 2022 America’s Top Young Scientist & Grand Prize winner. Leanne received $1,000 for the project Teaching Science to Kids Through Expos! that introduces young students to science.
  • Reshma Kosaraju is a 17-year-old from California and a 2019 finalist & Improving Lives Award Winner. Reshma received $1,000 for the project Eco Quest: An environmental conservation board game that teaches students about climate change.
  • Kathryn Lampo is a 20-year-old from Colorado and a 2017 finalist. Kathryn received $1,000 for the project NYC Model Rocketry Initiative that makes space science and engineering accessible to underserved middle schoolers across New York City through engaging STEM resources.
  • Viraj Pandey is a 14-year-old from California and a 2021 finalist. Viraj received $2,500 for the project Enhancing Crop Yields and Minimizing Crop Diseases Using Graphene Quantum Dots to Combat Overpopulation and Adverse Climate Changes that will help sustainably increase crop yield.
  • Sarah Park is a 15-year-old from Florida and a 2021 America’s Top Young Scientist & Grand Prize winner. Sarah received $5,000 for the project Spark Care+: Personalized Music Therapy App using a Mobile and AI that provides accessible and affordable music therapy for emotional wellbeing.
  • Samvrit Rao is a 15-year-old from Virginia and a 2020 finalist. Samvrit received $1,000 for the project STEMForU Innovation Bootcamps that inspires underrepresented minorities to pursue STEM by providing innovative learning experiences and resources to help develop STEM critical thinking skills.
  • Moitri Santra is a 13-year-old from Florida and a 2021 finalist. Harini received $2,500 for the project Novel Phyto-Nano Drug Delivery System that investigates the potential of medicinal phytochemicals at the nano-scale for reducing adverse drug reactions.
  • Daniel Thomas is a 15-year-old from Texas and a 2022 finalist. Daniel received $5,000 for the project ClearWTR Portable: A Novel Water Disinfection and Purification Device that creates safe and clean drinking water.
  • Harini Venkatesh is a 15-year-old from New Hampshire and a 2022 Improving Lives Award Winner & finalist. Harini received $5,000 for the project The Comptometrist: A Novel Method to Efficiently and Effectively Calculate Optical Power Current that calculates eye prescriptions.
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