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IBM SkillsBuild Celebrates Partnership With Mom Relaunch

IBM SkillsBuild Celebrates Partnership With Mom Relaunch

Published 05-30-23

Submitted by IBM

Reena Gupta

Meet Reena Gupta

IBM SkillsBuild is proud to work with Mom Relaunch to help skill underrepresented communities, including Americans of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage. Reena Gupta, of Southeast Asian heritage, is the CEO and founder of Mom Relaunch, which is based in the San Francisco area. A proud mom of two children, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and champion of gender diversity, she spent time in the Human Resource sector, then started Mom Relaunch with the aim of helping women gain financial independence. Many of the job seekers served by Mom Relaunch are also of Asian backgrounds.

Currently focusing on IT and HR professions, Mom Relaunch provides women with technical and workplace skills training, job or project placement, and pairing with mentors and coaches. It also gives recommendations to moms for support services such as cleaning, kids’ tutoring, meals preparation, and personal wellness as they return to the workforce.

At the same time, Mom Relaunch works directly with companies, helping them craft and hone their diversity hire strategies. For example, Mom Relaunch provides HR departments with skilled candidates with diverse backgrounds for potential full-time and contractor employee positions. They also provide employees with team building and collaboration skills for cohesive and diverse workplaces.

As an IBM SkillsBuild partner, Mom Relaunch gives mothers enhanced access training in cybersecurity, data analysis, cloud computing, and many other technical disciplines — as well as in workplace skills such as project management and design thinking. Participants can earn IBM-branded digital credentials that are recognized by the market.

“After hiring a stay-at-home mom as my first employee in 2003, I realized that there were many women from all backgrounds, in similar situations, who had valuable skills and potential, but lacked opportunities to re-enter the workforce,” recalls Reena Gupta, CEO and founder of Mom Relaunch.

“After exiting my HR tech company in 2018, I started Mom Relaunch to help companies struggling to hire tech talent that is accountable, productive, and loyal. We focus on tech jobs because they offer better pay and more flexible work options. At Mom Relaunch, we believe in providing access to high-quality coursework, credentials, and workplace training resources for everyone. Our partnership with IBM SkillsBuild has given us a platform to support career returners and transitioners from all backgrounds – and, more specifically, women of color -- to create a brighter future for all.”

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