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GoDaddy's 2022 Diversity and Pay Parity Annual Report: The Specifics

GoDaddy's 2022 Diversity and Pay Parity Annual Report: The Specifics

Published 05-12-23

Submitted by GoDaddy

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Originally published in GoDaddy’s 2022 Diversity and Pay Parity Annual Report

Investing in our people is an ongoing pursuit.

Building an inclusive and equitable workforce requires accountability. That’s why we report our progress publicly. For eight years, we’ve published our diversity and salary data to show where we’ve done well — and to spotlight areas where we can continue to improve.

It’s an ongoing journey, and we’re in it for the long haul.

Visit GoDaddy’s 2022 Sustainability Report for more information on related efforts to mitigate unconscious bias and enable equity across all phases of the employee lifecycle.

Photo:  Kristy L., Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, GoDaddy

"Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging isn’t just about influencing behaviors—it’s equally important to integrate these priorities into the fabric of what we do as a company every day. GoDaddy knows real change can only be sustained if it’s built into our processes and culture simultaneously.”


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Pay Parity

A critical part of building a more inclusive and equitable company is ensuring that employees are paid fairly for doing the same kind of work, regardless of demographics. Reporting pay parity data shows current and prospective employees that we are committed to equal pay for equal work.

While GoDaddy’s pay parity target is $1.00 for $1.00, a few cents on either side of a dollar is considered an equitable result. This is due to the analysis being a single point in time data set, which includes total compensation awarded such as annual bonuses and equity grants, all of which are variable and impacted by employee performance.

Starting in 2022, we partnered with a third- party expert to execute a rigorous multivariate regression analysis that accounts for variables like performance and length of time in a role, which are considered reasonable explanations for differences in pay. This ensures that we are applying appropriate and accepted methods and standards to our analysis and mitigations.

While the results are similar year over year for our company-wide pay parity analysis despite the enhancements in our methodology, we can now proactively review pay recommendations during our annual compensation cycles to ensure pay decisions are equitable.


All data is based on end-of-year global employee population data and includes total direct compensation received in 2022, such as base salary, company bonuses and equity awards. Additionally, through our new partnership with a third-party expert, we can broaden our definition of “similar work.” For example, our previous analysis required at least one man and one woman in the same geography, job family and job level to be included in the analysis. Now, with the use of enhanced statistical analyses, we only require one man and one woman in the same job level, which increases the total population represented globally.

In addition to the change in our definition of “similar work,” we also expanded our representation data to include employees with unknown demographics. Previously, we excluded any employee who selected “Declined to Identify” when providing personal demographic data at the time of hire as they could not be accounted for in the pay analysis. Starting in 2022, this segmentation is part of the representation data, so we can evaluate our whole organization and identify where opportunities emerge to make progress in representation. With these improvements, we now capture a more complete picture of our employee population, including 98% of our global workforce and our non-binary employees for the 2022 results.

2022 Salary Data – Global Gender

For every $1.00 a man makes at GoDaddy company-wide, a woman makes the same. This is the eighth year in a row that GoDaddy achieved pay parity for men and women globally. Delving further into the numbers, women in leadership roles (defined as director level or higher) make $0.03 less than their male counterparts. In technical positions, women make $0.99 for every $1.00 that men make in similar roles. Women in non-technical roles make the same as their male counterparts.

Compensation Graph -  Gender

Compensation Data — Gender 
For every dollar a man makes at GoDaddy, a woman makes:

All Company: 

  • Women 2022: $1.00
  • Women 2021: $.99

Leaders (Directors +):

  • Women 2022: $.97
  • Women 2021: $.98

Technical Roles:

  • Women 2022: $.99
  • Women 2021: $1.00

Non-Tech Roles

  • Women 2022: $1.00
  • Women 2021: $.99


  • Non-Binary 2022: $1.01
  • Non-Binary 2021: N/A
Compensation Data - US Race Ethnicity Graph

2022 Salary Data – U.S. Race/Ethnicity 

Our U.S. pay data shows us that for every $1.00 a white employee earns at the company level, an employee of color earns $1.01. 

The data also reveals that employees of color in the U.S. earn $0.02 more than their white counterparts in tech roles and are at parity for non-tech positions. The data also shows us that for every $1.00 a white employee makes in a leadership position at GoDaddy, an employee of color makes $1.03. 

High growth and turnover, which many tech companies have experienced in the past few years, are likely responsible for these results. For example, we welcomed new executive leaders who increased our underrepresented population in 2021, and the data has since flattened after that bump.

Compensation Data — U.S. Race/Ethnicity 
For every dollar in the U.S. someone white makes, someone of color makes:

All Company:

  • People of color 2022: $1.01
  • People of color 2021: $1.01

Leaders (Directors +):

  • People of color 2022: $1.03
  • People of color 2021: $1.10

Technical Roles:

  • People of color 2022: $1.02
  • People of color 2021: $1.01

Non-Tech Roles

  • People of color 2022: $1.00
  • People of color 2021: $1.00
Compensation Chart Ethnicity chart.

2022 Salary Data – U.S. Race/Ethnicity 

We continue to study the data to understand how we pay employees from different underrepresented groups in the U.S. to ensure fairness across each. We found that for every $1.00, Black employees earns $0.98; Asian American employees earn $1.04; Hispanic or Latino/ a/x employees earn $1.00; American Indian employees earn $0.97; Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander employees earn $1.02; and multiracial employees earn $0.99 in the U.S.

A Closer Look at Compensation Data — U.S. Race/Ethnicity 
For every dollar in the U.S. someone white makes, someone of color makes:

American Indian

  • Race/Ethnicity 2022: $.97
  • Race/Ethnicity 2021: $.97


  • Race/Ethnicity 2022: $1.04
  • Race/Ethnicity 2021: $1.03


  • Race/Ethnicity 2022: $.98
  • Race/Ethnicity 2021: $.99

Hispanic or Latino/A/X

  • Race/Ethnicity 2022: $1.00
  • Race/Ethnicity 2021: $1.00

Pacific Islander

  • Race/Ethnicity 2022: $1.02
  • Race/Ethnicity 2021: $.99


  • Race/Ethnicity 2022: $.99
  • Race/Ethnicity 2021: N/A

Please read our 2022 Diversity and Pay Parity Annual Report for more information.

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