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Celebrating the 2023 HNF Global & Regional Humanitarians

Celebrating the 2023 HNF Global & Regional Humanitarians

Published 05-10-23

Submitted by Herbalife

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Since 2007, the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) has awarded global and regional humanitarian awards to five Herbalife Independent Distributors who embody the mission of our foundation. HNF is proud to have so many supporters who are dedicated to improving the lives of children and communities. Thank you for your commitment and generosity!

The following humanitarians were chosen based on their philanthropic activity, community leadership, volunteerism, and advocacy. Join us in honoring the 16th annual Global and Regional Humanitarians!

Two people stood next to each other smiling, one person holding flowers and the other holding an award

Trey & Mamie Herron – Global Humanitarians & North America Humanitarians

Trey and Mamie Herron have dedicated their lives to giving back to communities throughout North America, and they have inspired their network of Herbalife Independent distributors to do the same.

Trey and Mamie have created physical challenges to raise funds, such as the Extortion Memorial Run that raised over $10,000. Last year for virtual Honors – they led a team fundraiser to motivate their organization, helping gather over $125,000 for our Casa Herbalife Nutrition program, and even matching some of those funds themselves. The Herron’s also supported the American Cancer Society, coming in at #1 in Mississippi and #7 overall by raising over $66,000 for their Real Men Wear Pink campaign. Through their support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Wounded Warriors and all the other organizations they contribute to, Trey and Mamie demonstrate that when you show up for others, your entire world can change.

Giving comes naturally to both Trey and Mamie and a passion for helping others is the reason why they are the 2023 Global Humanitarians.

Two people stood next to each other smiling, one person holding flowers and the other holding an award

Katherine Yiu & Felan Yu – Asia Pacific Humanitarians

Katherine Yiu and Felan Yu have been active contributors of their community and supporters of HNF for years. For Hong Kong’s 30th Anniversary Event hosted at a theme park, Katherine and Felan sponsored 100 families from a local Casa Herbalife to participate in the festivities. They also organized a 100k virtual run, and even personally matched donations.

Katherine and Felan, who were once educators before joining Herbalife, have donated to schools in rural mainland China to help renovate buildings and students’ facilities, and even volunteered as teachers. They also organized a blood drive with the Red Cross for their organization.

Katherine and Felan have continued to share their passion for giving back, and that’s why they are the Asia Pacific Humanitarians of the Year.

Two people stood next to each other smiling, one person holding flowers and the other holding an award

Adriano Allegretti – Europe, Middle East & Africa, and India Humanitarian

Adriano Allegretti has made it his mission to give back, all while instilling the same selfless values to the members of his organization.

Two years ago, Adriano started an online training called, “Motivation Mondays,” where over 300 distributors meet to discuss personal growth. All funds collected during the meetings are donated to HNF to support Casa Oz, a Casa Herbalife partner located in Italy, that serves children who are sick, as well as their families who need support.

Adriano’s commitment to being a servant leader has been contagious and his leadership has inspired others to give back in great ways.

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Herlinda Quiroz & Juan Carlos Ruvalcaba – Mexico Humanitarians

After years of supporting HNF and the Casa Herbalife program, Herlinda Quiroz & Juan Carlos Ruvalcaba officially became sponsors of Casa Aldeas Infantiles SOS, an orphanage located in Mexico in 2020.

At every event, Herlinda and Juan Carlos are the first to teach other Herbalife independent distributors about the importance of donating to HNF. Over the holidays, they organized volunteer visits for Children’s Day and Christmas, delivering gifts and meals to children and families served through our Casa program in Mexico.

Their passion for making a difference truly has no limits and that’s why they’re the Mexico Humanitarians of the Year.

Two people stood next to each other smiling, one person holding an award and the other holding flowers

Sonia Sanabria Paniagua & Jaime Pérez – South & Central America Humanitarians

Sonia Sanabria Paniagua and Jaime are big givers who not only donate funds, but also give their time and resources to support those in need.

They regularly visit Fundación Arco Iris, an orphanage in Bolivia that helps provide children with food, shelter, and education, and frequently help coordinate activities for the children. When resources are short, they cover the rest, so the children don’t go without.

In fact, during the holidays, Sonia and Jamie Pérez organize a food drive and make sure that the children from Fundación Arco Iris have a proper Christmas dinner and celebrate together.

Sonia and Jamie spend their time helping most vulnerable and that’s why they are the South & Central America Humanitarians of the Year.

Congratulations to all of the HNF Humanitarians. Your support is impacting children and communities around the world!

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