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Video: Sealed Air Commits to Sustainability

Video: Sealed Air Commits to Sustainability

Published 04-27-23

Submitted by SEE®

Created and originally published by Rockwell Automation

Sealed Air (SEE) is a global company that designs and produces digital, automated and sustainable packaging solutions that protect essential goods including fresh food, healthcare products, and items shipped through e-commerce. Known for brands like CRYOVAC® brand food packaging and BUBBLE WRAP® brand packaging, there’s a chance when you purchase food at the grocery store or order goods online and have them delivered to your door, they’re being kept safe and intact by SEE packaging. 

In addition to the SEE mission of providing quality packaging solutions, the company is deeply committed to shaping a sustainable future. “Today, the world has a huge recycling problem,” says Sergio Pupkin, the company’s Chief Growth & Strategy Officer. “We want to do more to drive a circular economy for packaging.”

SEE has pledged to “design or advance 100% of packaging solutions to be recyclable or reusable, eliminate waste by incorporating an average of 50% recycled or renewable content into solutions, and collaborate on advanced recycling technology and infrastructure by 2025.”

Sergio explains that to achieve this mission, the company has invested in research and development that pairs the latest technologies with creative ideas to innovate and build brand new solutions. “We want to recycle more to drive that circular economy, but the recycling stream for many of our products is still under development. So, we collaborate with different partners to make sure that we help to drive that circularity while still solving the problem of reaching vast audiences with the right products.”

Rockwell Automation is proud to join forces with SEE to support the research and development they’re doing to enhance sustainability in packaging design. Rockwell values SEE’s expertise within the markets they serve, their ability to be industry leaders, and their commitment to leaving the world better in a better place.

Sergio shares that the admiration is mutual, “What led us to building the relationship [with Rockwell Automation] over the years is the reliability, the ease of programming, the technical support, the partnership… these Rockwell strengths have helped make us partners over the years.”

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Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE), is a leading global provider of packaging solutions that integrate sustainable, high-performance materials, automation, equipment and services. SEE designs, manufactures and delivers packaging solutions that preserve food, protect goods and automate packaging processes. We deliver our packaging solutions to an array of end markets including fresh proteins, foods, fluids and liquids, medical and life science, e-commerce retail, logistics and omnichannel fulfillment operations, and industrials. Our globally recognized solution brands include CRYOVAC ® food packaging, LIQUIBOX ® liquids systems, SEALED AIR ® protective packaging, AUTOBAG ® brand automated packaging systems, and BUBBLE WRAP ® brand packaging. In 2023, SEE generated $5.5 billion in sales and has approximately 17,000 employees who serve customers in 115 countries/territories.

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