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Cummins Removed Tons of Waste, Including E-waste From Jamestown, New York Community in 2022

Cummins Removed Tons of Waste, Including E-waste From Jamestown, New York Community in 2022

Published 04-18-23

Submitted by Cummins, Inc.

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On June 18, 2022, locals gathered at Cummins Inc.’s Jamestown Engine Plant (JEP) for its annual Community Recycling Day. Some started arriving as early as 5:30 a.m., eager to safely dispose of the unwanted items they’d been storing.

Over 950 cars showed up at the event toting automotive batteries, light bulbs, scrap metals, electronics, used tires and more. JEP’s Community Recycling Day is a sister event to the Cummins Columbus Engine Plant (CEP) Recycling Day that took place on September 15th. Between the two events, an estimated 140 tons of unwanted items were collected and diverted from landfills

A look back at JEP Recycling Day 2022 Numbers

The JEP event alone brought in: 

  • 2,526 gallons of paint
  • 4,275 pounds of automotive batteries
  • 1,297 pounds of other types of batteries
  • 734 pounds of light bulbs
  • 3,160 pounds of scrap metal
  • 66,844 pounds of electronics
  • 950 gallons of used oil
  • 65,820 pounds of used tires

The steady rise of electronic waste

The growing popularity of handheld devices like cellphones, tablets and smartwatches has contributed to a vast amount of electronic waste, also known as e-waste globally. E-waste can be broken into six categories: lamps, small IT and telecom equipment, monitors/screens, temperature exchange equipment, large equipment and small equipment.

E-waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world, with over 50 million tons generated per year. Of those 50 million tons, only 17% is reported as properly recycled.

Cummins plants have implemented systems to reduce this waste. Community recycling days, however, help limit the number of discarded items, including e-waste, that end up at landfills and incinerators, while energizing communities around a common environmental cause. The event shows people how their individual actions can make a greater impact.

Waste reduction a JEP and Cummins 

At JEP, recycling days are just one aspect of an overall waste reduction culture. JEP is one of Cummins’ zero-landfill sites – sites that reuse or recycle all materials in a useful way.

As part of the Planet 2050 Strategy, Cummins aims to achieve a 25% reduction in waste by the year 2030, with longer-term aspirations for 2050. This includes a reduction in packaging waste, process waste and general trash. 

Cummins plans to do this by recycling used oils, batteries, e-waste, cardboard, steel and other materials. They also are forming partnerships with organizations like the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), and plan to transition away from single-use packaging and toward reusable plastic packaging.

Jamestown Engine Plant’s Community Recycling Day 2023

This year, Jamestown Engine Plant will host their Community Recycling Day on Saturday, June 10. 

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