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Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day – Leading the Transition to a Clean Energy Future

Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day – Leading the Transition to a Clean Energy Future

Published 04-06-23

Submitted by Edison International

the earth growing from the ground

Edison International is leading the transition to a clean energy future. Take a look below to see how we're putting these words into action this Earth Day and every day.

All-Electric Buildings: Clean Energy’s Next Frontier
SCE's plan to replace gas-powered appliances can help save the planet – and lower your bill.

Residential and commercial buildings generate significant annual greenhouse gas emissions globally, and their carbon footprint is growing. In California, they’re responsible for roughly 14% of emissions; that number increases to 25% when considering electricity use in homes and businesses. READ MORE

Transportation Electrification Gains Momentum
Edison International and SCE outline plans to seize the “huge opportunity” of preparing the grid for exponential EV growth.

When record-high temperatures brought California’s electric grid to the brink of rotating power outages last September, skeptics of the state’s aggressive efforts to promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles had a field day. READ MORE

Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day
SCE offers tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint while celebrating the Irish icon.

St. Patrick’s Day is an ideal time to begin, renew or revive your commitment to clean energy and reducing your carbon footprint. With spring just days away, you can volunteer to plant trees or clean up local rivers, lakes and beaches to help reduce pollution. You may even find a lucky shamrock along the way. READ MORE

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