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IBM Volunteer Spotlight: Cultivating an Enriching and Inclusive Community Through Mentorship

IBM Volunteer Spotlight: Cultivating an Enriching and Inclusive Community Through Mentorship

Published 03-30-23

Submitted by IBM

Headshot of Lakshmi Dhanabalan

Giving a small part of your time can make a difference in someone else's life. IBM India's Lakshmi Dhanabalan has been doing just that, sharing her knowledge through mentorship.

She began volunteering within her community in a school for learners who are hearing impaired. Lakshmi offered mentorship with reading sessions, wrote exams, and led financial support groups for students.

As part of an IBM volunteer initiative, she mentored young learners and helped them cultivate skills for their career progression and explore new topics. “Mentoring is vital for cultivating an enriching and inclusive community,” she says.

The company’s culture of giving continues to attract and inspire employees dedicated to improving the lives of others.

As IBM reinvents itself in the era of AI and cloud, we continue to broaden the ways we use technology to drive social impact. For volunteering, that means cross-enterprise coordination of campaigns, individual service, and opportunities for donating money.

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Innovation – joining invention and insight to produce important, new value – is at the heart of what we are as a company. And, today, IBM is leading an evolution in corporate citizenship by contributing innovative solutions and strategies that will help transform and empower our global communities.

Our diverse and sustained programs support education, workforce development, arts and culture, and communities in need through targeted grants of technology and project funds. To learn more about our work in the context of IBM's broader corporate responsibility efforts, please visit Innovations in Corporate Responsibility.

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